Art Reboot: Estaban de Medich Picture

After my hardrive failed, I lost all my old works, including all my old CorelDRAW files of Estaban, Opa, Damian, etc. Now that I got a new hardrive, I decided to redraw Estaban... so this is the offical reboot.I may do more reboots, but Estaban is the first one I have done

Here is his backstory and stats, updated as well:

Name: Sir Estaban de Medich
Age: Aging stopped at 30, around 300 years old
DOB: September 26th, 1986
Eye color: Glass-blue
Hair color: Midnight Black
Spouse: Opa de Medich
Quote: "Never underestimate humanity!"
Theme Song: "Away from Me" by Evanescence
*Desired voice actor: Seth McFarlane

Estaban is more than just a handsome mortal man, Estaban is a living manifestation of justice. He represents peace of mind for the innocent, and punishment for the guilty. He is not on the side of good, or the side of evil; he is on the side of the just. Moreso however, he sides with the Human Race, for he sees the power of mortalkind and believes thier spirit is the true power on earth, and not some would-be god or deity. For he knows very well that without humans, the gods would have no power.

Born to a Romanian priest and a German nun, Estaban was raised as a good soul who had a life of simplicity. At the age of seven, Estaban met one of the most important people in his life; the girl Christa. Estaban and Christa formed a bond that would last forever, and thier bond was strengthed when Estaban befriended a boy named Mike when he was 13.

During their senior year in high school, a cult of undead necromancers calling themsleves the SunFall awoke from thier long slumber and began killing anyone the came across, seraching for the Eye of Gaia. The cult was looking for the mortal embodiment of Gaia, who happened to be Christa herself. Christa willingly sacrificed herself so Gaia, in her rage, wouldn't destroy mankind... with Estaban being the one to kill her. During this time, Estaban awoke as the human embodiment of the Sky, the great titan Oranos, who was Gaia's husband. This not only gave him great powers, but gave him immortal life to a certain degree.

20 years later, Mike awoke as the embodiment of Time, the youngest son of Gaia and Oranos: Kronos. Angry at Oranos, and moreso Estaban for killing Gaia, Kronos controlled Mike and killed many people, including Estaban's longtime girlfriend Tatiana and thier son Christian. Christian himself, the embodiemnt of Helios, the Titan of the Sun, sacrficed himself and took Mike down with him, leaving Estaban in a state of depression.

Around this time, many other humans awaken as human hosts to gods and goddess of all kinds of mythologies, ranging from Greek to Japanese, even Aztec. Oranos tells Estaban that his job is to judge theses souls, to ensure they are good and ready for an upcoming battle that will determine the fate of all things, for gods, and more importantly, the human race. Under the guide of Oranos, Estaban destroyed those gods who turned evil in thier human forms, inluding the once proud Zeus.

Many years have passed and Estaban was presented with a dangerous truth: he would have to face the greatest god of them all: God himself. For it was God who defeated the mythological gods of the past so he could rule the kingdoms of Heaven and Earth. God stood unchallanged upon his throne and millions of people have died in his name only to be abandonded by him... inturn, the ultimate criminal.

Despite being a mortal man, Estaban challanged God himself, and with the hel pof the aiding spirits of Mike and Christa, Estaban was able to cast down the almighty Lord and restore balance to world. Along this road, Estaban learned his family are the lost royal family of the kingdom of Atlantis, thought to have been lost thousands of years ago. Estaban was able to beat the greatest of all beings, for he made his greatest mistake: underestimating the human race. Estaban cast down God to the dark pits of Tartarus and restored the Heavens ot its rightful owners, this earning the title "The Legendary God-Slayer". Not only was Estaban a symbol of strength for the human race, but a symbol of justice and the belief of good in all things.

Upon returning to earth, Estaban met the most important person in his life: the beautiful Opa, a mermaid who lived with her people in the now sunken Atlantis. They married and together, they became king and queen of the fallen nation, living in a time of peace that was unburdened from religious war. Despite how much they loved each other, the combination of human and mermaid blood caused issues with thier unborn child. Having leanred of a way to give thier child life, Estaban and Opa offered uip thier life forces to thier baby, giving it life, but taking thiers. And so, Estaban and his wife Opa ascended to the heavens, leaving behind thier child and a legacy that would last forever.

Even after joining the gods and the peacful souls of the afterlife, Estaban's story wasn't over. The vile and powerful Aphrodisia, the Lord of Lust and Sexual Desire, secertly coveted Opa for himself, waging a mini-war on Estaban. After defeating Aphrodisia and his vile succubus-wife Azure, Estaban and Opa returned to thier calm and happy life... until Aphrodisia came back. Loosing his wife to Minos, the Judge of the Underworld, Aphrodisia kidnapped Opa and swore to make her his own, at any cost. After battling through Aphrodisia's Tower of Carnel Desire, Estaban fought Aphrodisia himself one last time, using two ancienct weapons used to conquor Lust millions of years ago. Finally deteaing Aphrodisia and sending him to Tartarus along with his wife, Estaban and Opa returned to the heavens, where they live in peaceful and quiet afterlife.

Estaban's lived a life of sadness and lose, but what he lost he gained back in knowldge and understnading. He back a weapon of justice, and a living engine of human spirit. Despite being looked down upon for his role in defeating God himself, Estaban is believed to have done this to avenge all those who died in his name, clearign thier names and punishign one of the greatest criminals of all time. For no god, or devil, or any mythological deity is better than a human being. Never underestimate the human race!


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