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I meant to do <this ages ago when this thing was still pretty popular but... that was back when I was still all over the place with my art and couldn't put it all on one thingy.
Posting this on my alt, since it's technically not my art. Most of the stuff were found on google and I tried to avoid other people's art as much as possible, going towards offical art or stuff that's dumped halfway across the internet anyway.

I didn't intend to put this as my biggest factor but... I accidently pasted it in the wrong box and decided to go for it. Most of the stuff I work with is Pokemon, and I suppose I ought to owe to pokemon the fact that I have any watchers. While it doesn't influence me directly, it is a very big part of my life. It's what encouraged me to try different art styles rather than giving everything the same face, and allowed me to experiment with affects that you can't achieve just with animals. SO yeah.

Animation just gives me the... fuzzies! Ever since I decided I wanted to have a career to do with animation I've just... loved it. Seeing sketches or concept art always makes me feel inspired, and movies are just beautiful.
Artists on DeviantART
And other places, of course. There are a lot of artists who inspire me, and even if not artists, one or two pieces of art that I love and inspire me every time I look at them. I could've included them all, but it'd take up the whole meme.
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