Influence Map. Picture

Hoooooly shit. This meme.
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFyeah I haven't used photoshop in forever. I can't believe I did this. I sort of hate myself.

Last piece of art for 2011 (most likely)? Go me.


A] American cowboys and horses. Yes, I do love horses and ponies (there's a difference, damn it!). And the wild west. SPIRIT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER. YEAH.
B] Assassin's Creed. Fuck yeah. Oh man, Altair is such a BAMF I don't even-- I cut you, bitch.
C] Scotland! I love the history of the place, and the flag ain't so bad either (flags of the world <3). Also, I'm way Scottish.
D] Franz Joseph Haydn. I love love love classical music. Haydn is one of my favourite composers.
E] Not sure what to call this one. This is the kind of art I simply adore and what not. Deer + woman in kaiton + spear + ivory and gold? Yes please. This is probably my biggest influence.
F] Alexander Hamilton. I dunno about you, but he's ridiculously cool. Inventor of the Bank of the United States, baby. Also, he's a stud.
G] Robot Unicorn Attack. I don't think an explanation is needed (yes, I love unicorns too.)
H] Roman sculpture and Greek/Roman mythology. I'm pretty sure I sniffed that shit to get high when I was a kid. Absolute love.
I] Maps of the world. I have a strange fascination with these things, and have like, four hanging up in my room. I also have one as a calendar for 2011. Also, world history is like, my vice.
J] LANDON DONOVAN. FFFFFFF I love this man. So great. FIFA was awesome this year. I also bought his jersey and FIFA '11 simply because he was on the cover. Yes, I am shameless.
K] Sufjan Stevens and his album "The Age of Adz." If you haven't heard of him or this album, go find it. Now. You'll understand.
L] Andrew Motherfuckin' Jackson. Seventh president of the United States and a complete badass. I mean, look at that forehead. I love this man to an unhealthy amount, I'm sure. If you want to know more about my love for him, drop a note because I could go on and on and onnnnnn.
M] Pokemon. D'uh. C'mon guys.
N] Inglourious Basterds. Aside from Enemy At The Gates, best war movie ever. HANS LANDA.
O] The 101st Airborne, specifically during WWII. Man oh man. I love these guys and what they did. Fuckin' hedgerows. Also, airplanes and military is a biggie when it comes to influencing stories or drawing. Because I'm a man's man and write about war. Or something.
P] Kenneth Branaugh's Hamlet. Four hours of glory. Magnificent. The setting and costumes are amazing, and I just love it. Hamlet for the win.
Q] Byblis. Carnivorous plants fascinate me, furril. Just wait until I feed you to one.
R] A crested eagle, AKA BIRDS. Oh man. These things find their way into almost everything I do. Do want.
S] SPAIN. AAAAAGH. THIS PLACE. I want to go here SO BADLY. All things about Spain are good: Spanish classical guitar, (bloodless)bullfighting, FOOD, legal gay marriage, being warma;dshg;kdasfsd. I love this place. Please send me here. Spanish culture likes to creep around the corners of my writing and show up everywhere.
T] Stephen Colbert. Tek Jansen. Need I say more?
U] Reading and literature. It's my obsession, hobby, impulse, and overall sport (aside from tennis). I'm addicted to literature and plan to study it in the future. I learn from every book and author I get my tiny hands on and try to better my own writing. Love~
V] Plants and nature. Growth is good, especially of plants. C:
W] The Soviet Unicorn. Here's where the unicorn love makes a comeback. Yes, I do love them. Also, Communism. It's the way to go. Long story.

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