[ABNHS] James Gyld Picture

First time I've had a second character for a group woot woot.
Originally he was a gijinka of Moltres, but he's been...Reborn...As a phoenix.

Name: James Gyld
Age: Ancient. Like, mythology ancient. He's old, man. But looks around 17-18(For now)
Height: 6'3"
Species: Phoenix

Year: 2nd Year student
Subjects chosen: Geology, Biology, Physics

Rambunctious: Loud mouthed and careless, James is likely to blurt out exactly what's on his mind, even if it may be hurtful or rude. He doesn't intent to be mean, he just is very insensitive.

Reckless: Known to take risks, he's the sort of person who jumps down an entire flight of stairs rather than walking down them. As such, he spends a lot of time in the infirmary. He swears he's not skipping classes. Swears it up and down.

Flirt: The ultimate playboy, James likes to chat up the girls of the school, often found hitting on several at once. But he's a gentleman about it. Or as much of a gentleman as one can be in that situation. He doesn't force himself or cross boundaries.

Protective: If someone happens to truly win his heart, James will do everything in his power to help them out. He will even put himself in danger for someone he loves.

Bio: James doesn't remember much about his past. He's been living on his own, place to place, for as long as he can remember. The bad thing about being a phoenix? The rapid aging followed by death followed by rebirth and another life of rapid aging. It takes about ten years for him to complete one life cycle, so he's died more times than he can remember. It's never a pleasant experience.
Finally tired of being reborn with a baby's body but a mature mind in unfortunate places like the middle of a city, he began seeking out a safe haven for himself.
Eventually finding ABN High School, he's decided to remain here for a while, even if he'll age out faster than his classmates. Maybe they'll let him become a teacher...

Mountaineering(mountain/rock climbing)
Basically outdoorsy stuff

+the great outdoors
+spicy food
+warm weather
+wide open spaces
+early mornings
+Meeka <3

-being cooped up
-school work
-the cold
-his constant life cycle of aging, dying, and being reborn

Sexuality/ Relationship status: Heterosexual. Single(?)

He always has a very high body temperature.
Has been known to accidentally set things on fire. In particular his clothes and homework.
He's left handed.
He actually can fly with those wings, even though they're tiny. Trust me on this one.

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