Black Goblin- Lyoko's Contest Picture

Okay, here we go, the Black Goblin, my entrant for
Name: The Black Goblin, AKA the Ghost Faced Killer
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless/150+ years
Shinobi Ranking: ANBU/Rogue (not a Missing Nin as his village does not exist anymore)
Moves: Sudden Strike (able to deal blows to vital areas for extra damage to foes caught off guard), Ghost Step (able to become unseen like a ghost and even move through solid objects), Frightful Attack (can use a Sudden Strike to frighten an opponent to death and scare all those who see the strike), Ghost Sight (can see ghosts or others who become ghost-like like him) Great Leap (can jump great distances standing still as if he was running) One with the Shadows (A pact with the spirits from the Shadowlands provide profane protection and long life to the Black Goblin)
Special Weapon: the Black Goblin wields a long two-handed sword like a Samurai’s Katana, but is curved and more closely resembles an Arabian Falchion in functionality. The Sword is magical in origin, and was reputedly forged within the Shadowlands by the goblins and Oni who live there. It is mystically strong, and can saps extra strength with each cut into a living being, giving that strength to the spirits of the Shadowlands. The Black Goblin is also skilled with Shuriken, a Kursai-Gama and a Shortbow.
Village/County of origin: None/Unknown/Destroyed

Few have heard the name of the mysterious Shinobi assassin known as the Black Goblin, but those who have, dread the very mention of his name. A horrible and dread assassin for hire from an unknown village, the Black Goblin is a ruthless and effective killer, using techniques known to no living (or at the very least sane) Shinobi. Also known as the Ghost Faced Killer, the Black Goblin uses a combination of his dreaded reputation, horrific appearance and profane powers to destroy his targets by scaring them to death with his deadly strikes and frightening all who witness the strike. No barrier can hold back the Black Goblin, for powers he has gained with his pact with the
creatures of Shadow allows him to pass through walls like a ghost to get at his target.
The origins of the Black Goblin are a mystery, as his reputation puts him doing his foul deeds for over a century and a half. Rumors state that the Black Goblin was once an ANBU Shinobi from a now destroyed village (reputedly by the Ghost Faced Killer himself) who became a Missing Nin. To evade death from those who hunted him, he found a way to make a pact with the forces of the Shadowlands; the man sold his soul and his real name to the dark spirits, becoming the Black Goblin in honor of the Goblins of the Shadowlands.
The Black Goblin still wears the silver vest, tattoos and mask of an ANBU, but his mask is that of a fearsome horned ogre instead of an animal, and his tattoos are written in the ancient, profane language of the Shadowlands. His reputation is fierce, and for those willing to pay for his expensive services, any man they pay to be rid of is as good as dead as soon as the payment enters the hands of the Black Goblin. No Hunter Nin could ever catch the Ghost Faced Killer, and as long he walks the land, nobody is safe from this unholy murderer.

So, how was that?
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