Sora:Fourmz: Picture

So.... Sora is one of my oldest characters...
With no pictures of him anywhere but in my sketchbooks...
And since I was working on his character lately, Might as well just put up some concept work.

Name: Sora Cullen
Age: 19
Race: Extraterrestial/Angel?
Personality: An overall scared child, he tries to be nice. Most of the time he tries to help out, but his voice makes him sound like a know-it-all.
Likes: Space, the stars, the mythology that is religon, video games, technology, and the human race.
Dislikes: his home, the orphanage at Sedona, art, people with faith, smelly socks, and men without pants on.
Bio: Sora Cullen has been given his name by his caretaker, a cigarette smoking techological technition known by the name of Adam. By the time he was twelve, he was forced to go to the Ophanage located in an Earth town known as Sedona.
He has a few major secrets about himself. One of them being the angelic-looking alien self. With a few pills, he's able to camaflauge himself into the seina-haired, blue eyed young man that he's been reckognized as. Yet with very little people believing in alien's exitance or their fear of them, he's always been a bit paranoid about the medication giving out at random times. Once it starts to wear off, he becomes extremely weak to the point where he nearly passes out. If he continues to keep himself "hidden", system failure ensues.
Other than that, he's made friends with a little syborg girl known as Vae Legacy. The two have been inseperable since the day they've met almost seven years ago.
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