They will never Believe in you.... Picture

Another Circus 'freak' for the Devil's Playground. She was a Seer, much better than Stella or Luna. While the Gemini twins are able to tell you what has happened or what will happen in vauge contexts of what you need to know, Cassandra is able to tell you exactly what will happen; but you'll never believe in her. She's the contellation of Andromeda; the chained maiden. She's currently being held locked up in an iron maiden that Nameless keeps as a 'prop' in his show.

Cassandra was actually with the Devil's Playground Show long before Ursuala ran it-back when it was known as the Heaven's Gate Circus and owned by a man named Uslyess Godwin (Age 58 at the time) She was the three eyed seer and she brought immense good fortune to the circus thru her intiuitions. When Godwin died and Ursuala took over and began to manipulate the circus to fit her own personal desires, Cassandra attempted to warn away as many freaks she could from joining the circus. So Ursuala using her satanic magics-cursed Cassandra by spreading demonic tar across her tongue so no one would believe a word she said. She then had her locked up for extra measure; only she and Nameless know that Cassandra is speaking the truth. Nameless listens to her inseesent crazy whispering to know what risks to take during his illusion show-I.E, knife throwing, water traps, usually dangerous things. In some aspects-she might be the one driving Nameless even crazier. Cassandra in Greek mythology was a phrophet who could see the future, cursed so that no one would ever believe her by Apollo because she wouldn't sleep with him. (Wow, Apollo, you fuckboy.)

Cassandra (C) Me

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