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Pony's Name: Tabbris.

Other names: His friends call him Earth Father and Nature Colt. Son (referred to by his dad and his mom), Son (referred to by his adopted father), Cubbie-bear (referred to by his adopted mother), Little Bro (referred to by Fire Storm), Hippie Colt (referred to by his enemies), Little Grub, Phony Peguses, Little Worm, Savage, Worthless Little Nothing and Rotten Orphan (referred to by ponies who judge him before they get to know him) and Jungle Colt (referred to by Discord).

Pony's Cutie Mark:…

Pony's Birthmark:

Personality: Orphaned (formally), peaceful, insightful, knowledgeable about flora and fauna, humorous, tough, clever, a hopeless romantic, lovable, good-natured, kind, gentle, friendly, charming, brave, short-tempered at times, innocent, stubborn, strict, kind-hearted, adventurous, confident, understanding, daring, heroic, optimistic, intelligent, fast-thinking, humble, coy, generous, heroic, dreamy, artistic, gentle, angelic, strong, fearless, determined, resourceful, curious, fun-loving, loyal, honorable, protective, courageous, fast-learner, intrigued, athletic, Just and sensitive. Tabbris is an extremely brave, loyal and honorable Peguses. He cares deeply about his family and friends and was willing to risk his life to save them. Despite his love for adventure, he is the calmest and most spiritual of the Can Do Gain. Tabbris is a very gentle and caring pony. He is usually very calm and tries to solve difficult situations without aggression, but when he is angry one should better stay away from him. His friends and family are most important to him, even though he sometimes exaggerates his worry for others. Tabbris has devoted his entire life to studying all kinds of wild animals and their habitats. He loves animals and often puts their safety above his own. He would try to save them even though it would endanger his life. He enjoys camping and is a true expert on everything concerning nature. He's also great with poetry and medical care.

During his colt years, his parents where killed by two male Gargoyles from Scorpan and Tirek's world, while Tabbris was taken in as their slave. He had his wings cut off so that he couldn't get away, but he was determend to be free. He was just about to escape when the Gargoyles cought him. Luckaly for him, Princess Celestia came and freed him, afterwards the Gargoyles were sentinced to death by beheading. Tabbris was sent to an orphanige and given fake wings, but he could only glide. Two months later a Peguses named Valiant and an Earth Pony named Star Flower go to the orphanage to adopt a younger brother for their son Fire Storm. At the orphanage, they meet and fall in love with a Handicapped Peguses named Tabbris. Despite misgivings from Mrs. Eurasian Jay, they adopt Tabbris and take him home. However, Tabbris is greeted coldly by Storm, who refuses to acknowledge the mouse as his brother (do to the fact that he has fake wings).

During the first night at Tabbris's new home, an owl asks him to remove a twig in her wing. He obliges and she tells all the animals about his kind act. Soon many animals start asking favors of Tabbris. Tabbris soon relised he had the ability to speak with animals and tries to show to the class on show and tell day by talking to the class rat named Mr. Whiskers, but was badly humiliated by his classmates because they thought Tabbris was crazy. All eccept Fluttershy, she thought he had an amazing gift. This behavior concerns his adopted parents, who hire the local Cloudsdale minister to perform an exorcism. When nothing happened, the minister decided that it was not a demon's curse, but an angel's gift. But still, Valiant and Star Flower were worried, so they went to Princess Celestia for advise. Celestia tested Tabbris's gift with her pet phoenix Philomena, the test was, Philomena would hide Celestia's tiara and Philomena will tell Tabbris where to find it. When Tabbris passed the test, Celestia saw how gifted he was and ashured his adopted parents that there was nothing to worry about. They still were worried, so they decided to keep his gift a secret.

One day, they went to a Zoo in Canterlot and two Unicorn crooks wanted to steal a Lion to make a fur coat to sell to the Ogre King. A bird literarly told Tabbris about this and he decided to stop them himself sence he knew nopony will believe it. When Tabbris see's them, he thinks of a plane to stop them. Tabbris then feels something coming from within him, and he suddenly starts roaring. The crooks thought the real Tiger esscapt and started running. The gaurds heard the commoshion and cought the crooks. They soon noticed Tabbris was talking to the Lion and the Lion talking back. They were amazied at this and reported it to the Princess. Princess Celestia knew it was time for everypony to know about Tabbris's gift, so in honor of his bravery, she gave him a metal and he made him talk to all the animals at the Zoo. Pretty soon, all the Ponies started to see how amazing it was and then Tabbris got his cutie mark. Fire Storm soon relized what a jerk he's been to Tabbris, so Storm decides to get to know him better. Then Valiant makes Tabbris a pair of wings that can make him fly and Storm helped. During that time, Storm and Tabbris got to know eachother and bonded. So make fun of Tabbris and you'll have to answer to Fire Storm or visi-versa.

When Tabbris got older, he left the nest to work at The Unicornia Capital City Zoo as a Zoo Vitranarian, but even this honor won't quench the need for adventure in his blood. He soon saw The Can Do Gang Circus and decided to go see the show. Unfortunately, the hypnotist Rowena and the animal trainer Corbett joined the circus just to to sell the animals to an illegal labrotory that uses animals for testing and leave The Ringmaster Spirit Star to take the blame. When Rowena and Corbett were arrested, Tabbris joined the circus in Rowena's place as the new animal trainer. He soon begins his journeys to the far corners of the globe in search of one elusive species after another. He also wanted to see other animals around the world and care for them. If there where elements of peace, his element would be determination. His cutie mark is based on this… I made him here…

Hoof: He's right-hoofed.

Brain: He's a left-brained.

Appearance: Slender, muscular, handsome, Peguses, pointy ears, Seal brown eyes (offten called the eyes of a lion), Deep sky blue mane, grass green coat, black Outdoor Vest With Many Pockets.

Pony's Coat: Grass Green.

Pony's Eyes: Seal Brown (offten called the eyes of a lion).

Age: A year older then Fluttershy.

Birth Date: May 4th.

Birthplace: Cloudsdale.

Height: One foot taller than Fluttershy.

Mane Color: Deep Sky Blue.

Pony's Gender: Male.

Eye Shadow Color: None.

Pony's Race: Peguses.

Parent's Names: A Peguses named Cedar Waxwing (birth father, deceased), a Peguses named Honeysuckle (birth mother, deceased), a Peguses named Valiant (adopted father) and an Earth Pony named Star Flower (adopted mother).

Talents: Strength of a bear, powerful lungs, animalistic abilities, swinging on vines, hold things with his back hoofs, has a good sense of hearing and smell, tree-surfing, agility, making models all carved out of wood, an expert in poetry knows geography, amazing acrobatics, has a mighty roar, a great sketcher, good at cleaning, speed of a panther, good with nots, durability, stealth, a good cart driver, sewing, strong willpower, an amazing singer, dances, cooks, play's the Mandolin and the oboe and the pungi, winged flight, control over all various animal species, communication with all animals, animal whispering, animal telepathy and empathy, zoopathy, zoolingualism, mystic taming over all animals, control over all forms of wildlife, zoological empathy, empathic link with fauna, good at useing plants to heal the sick and injured, knows every plant, animal and mythological creature in Equestria (execpt Discord), geometry exbert, The Fear Look: one look in his eyes and it's like you're in a dark and cold room, face-to-face with your biggest fear (however, Tabbris doesn't really like to use the Fear Look. Only when someone's life is in danger or to maintain order, the Fear Look is used) and has a very powerful bite.

Magic Aura: None.

Weapon(s) of choice: Tabbris's useulally a lover not a fighter. But sometimes, use weapons to help those in need or to defind himself. Like..... The Fear Look, his hooves and his teeth.

Siblings: Fire Storm (adopted big brother).

In Law(s): None.

Family Relation: None.

Current Residents: Traveler.

Married: Nope.

Crush: Fluttershy.

How Did They Met: They met during their days in school in Cloudsdale when Tabbris volunteered at the Cafateria to wash the dishes. Tabbris found a bracelet and returned it to the girl who lost it (Fluttershy), though he could not see her (they were separated by the kitchen wall). Tabbris asked Fluttershy to see him later that afternoon at The Cloudsdale Malt Shop. Fluttershy did so, but Rainbow Dash went with her just in case Tabbris was just pranking her. Fire Storm did the same thing for Tabbris and the four of them became friends.

Mutation Power: None.

Outfit Main Color:

Weakness: Slightly naive and short-tempered (sometimes).

Fears/Phobias: Anacondas.

Reasons Why: Anacondas will sqeeze you and eat you, if you're not careful.

Hates: His enemies, certain bugs, the ones he holds dear being in danger, over doing things, being annoyed, his family and friends in peril, liars, being kidnapped, Fire Storm's overproticiveness, hunters, poachers, traders, leaches, villains, abuse, disrespect, mistreatment, being all alone, being called names, his friends and family angry at him, creatures judging others for their looks, being used for someone's own selfish and personal gain, anyone who is a threat to his friends, being locked up, smokers, acholholics, rotten food, Fluttershy's worries (sometimes), bragers, betrayal, evil, gourds, selfishness, bad manners, arrogance, forced romance, threats, injustice, seeing his friends fighting each other, being feared, letting the ones he cares about down, being used and being useless.

Best Friend: Fire Storm.

Friends: Friends: Spirit Star…, Whimsey Weatherbe, Brass Plum…, Fire Storm…, Lancelot…, Plum Galette…, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Discord, Shining Armor, 8-bit, Gaffer, Poindexter, the friends he made during his travels and his other family members.


Favorite Band: The Pony Tones.

Enemies: Gilda, Hoops, Dumb-Bell, Score, Rowena, Corbett and the enemies he made during his travels.


Former Friend(s): Gilda.

Allergies: Cinnamon makes his tongue swell and his voice sound silly.

Favorite Colors: Moderate cyan, Pale, light grayish rose Pale, light rose, pale, light grayish mulberry, pale, light grayish opal, moderate opal, Pale, light grayish gold, Light magentaish gray, grass green, sky blue, ocean blue and brown.

Favorite Foods: Healthy foods, Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes and Vanilla Cream Syrup, hay burgers with cheese and kechtup, veg burgers, daisy sandwiches, apple pie, grass sandwiches, smores, butterscotch pudding, Green tea ice cream, ginger snaps, Butterscotch Caramel Delight Cake, butterscotch muffins, vegetarian spaghetti and tofu balls, peach pie, tomato soup, a nice simple salad with carrots, lettuce, apples, and cucumbers, Broccoli Almondine, Cranberry White Chocolate Parfait, Triple Coconut Cupcakes, apple fritters, a crunchy peanut butterr and cranberry jam sandwitch, and original flavored potatoe chips.

Favorite Drinks: Creamsicle Smoothie, honey vanilla chamomile Herbal tea, Caramel Macchiato, apple juice, water, apple cider, grape juice, Honey Dew Soda, vegan wheat grass protein shake, Gingerbread Hot Chocolate, Peach Thick Milkshake, craneberry juice, sasperella, orange soda and Cranberry Punch.

Favorite Type Of Music: Smooth Jazz, Country rock, Soft music, Classic Rock, rock n' roll, soul music, Blues, Romantic, Orchestral, Traditional Country, Jungle / Drum’n’bass, Environmental, Healing, Meditation, Nature, Relaxation, Travel, Soul Blues, Traditional Folk, choir music and songs from musicals (especially Hinny of the Hills).

Favorite Fashion Style: Hippie chic, Council house chic, Boho-chic, Casual chic, Tropical Chic (for beach parties and pool parties), Wilderness chic, Cycle chic, Eco Chic, Marzahn chic, Northern chic, Shabby chic and fancy clothes (occasionally).

Size Shirt: M.

Size Pants: M.

Hobbies: Collecting pressed flowers, making models all carved out of wood, sketching, reading romantic stories & history stories, working, cleaning, Mandolin playing, writing poetry, oboe playing, pungi playing and taking good care of the animals most in need.

Doesn't Wear: Gothic fashion, Punk fashion, Geek fashion, Radical chic fashion and Seapunk fashion.

Favorite Songs: Annie (1982): Aileen Quinn- Tomorrow, (2013): Katy Perry- Roar, Annie (1982): Aileen Quinn- Maybe, Tarzan (1999): Phil Collins- Son Of Man, The Jungle Book 2 (2003): Haley Joel Osment- The Jungle Rhythm, Ferngully The Last RainForest (1992): Sheena Easton- A Dream Worth Keeping, Jem And The Holograms (26 July 1986): Britta Phillips- We Can Make A Difference, Jem And The Holograms (26 July 1986): Britta Phillips- Share A Little Bit Of Yourself, We're The Can Do Gang, Rascal Flatts: Stand, The Pony Tones: Got The Music In You, Phantom of The Opera: Music of The Night, The Rainbooms: Better Than Ever and Thumbelina (1994): Jodi Benson and Gary Imhoff- Let Me Be Your Wings.

Catchphrase: "Jumpin' hoptoads".

Pony's Pet: A female Ginger Colored Rabbit named Ginger (who seems to be the same breed as Angel Bunny


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