I'm BATMA-- I mean Burdman Picture

"If God meant me to sail," Murciel announced, "she would not have given me wings." Said wings stretched out in emphasis and caught a sudden gust of wind. He staggered back a full foot before he could furl them close again, and scowled at Hope's laugh.

"Oh, come now, Mercy," Faith said. "it's not as if you use them for whatever God DID give them to you for. You don't even show them half the time."

"At least here you can be a backup in case the real sails get torn," Hope added.

"Oh, ha. Ha. How hilarious you are."


Name: Murciel "Mercy"
Egg: Boat
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 230 lbs
Colors: Brown and blue
Physical Description: A chubby, farsighted young man with blue eyes, curly dark brown hair, and brown bat wings
Personality: Very shy, bookish, gives up too easily, claims to be agnostic and cynical but secretly wants to believe in something.
Brief History: Adopted/rescued by a rich expat philanthropist who then didn't know what to do with him, Murciel grew up more or less a self-imposed shut-in and correspondence student. Practially his only social contacts are the philanthropist's nieces, Faith and Hope, who do their best to drag him out for fresh air and hijinks.
Place of Origin: The Spanish coast, in or near Valencia.
Mythology: Murciel doesn't come from one in particular, but he does have a strong interest in myths and folktales, especially those involving bats. (Except for the ones where men turn into bats as punishment for their greed.)
Fully human? No. No transformations here. WYSIWYG.
Fun fact: The logo on his shirt is the coat of arms for Valencia, which has a bat above the crown.


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