Ubiista Thor app Picture

Name: Thor Anderfels

Age: 27

DOB: ??

Height/Weight: 6’4 ft, 250 lbs

Blood type: B-

History: Once there was a boy in Iceland by the name of Thor. Thor had a normal life until…one day…he was caught by law enforcement trying to hack a lock of a bank safe and thus, he was kicked out of the house as his father barked out that he never wanted to see him again.
At first, the boy was depressed, and wandered about the streets, only man and computer. Than, one day, he discovered the club scene. Thor became immersed in clubbing, migrating to and from every bar and club he could find and sneak into. The club was like his chapel, the beat acting as their bible, the DJ was the preacher, and the dance as their worship. Thor’s sadness from feeling so unloved by his father had become washed away from the holy house beats of dance party salvation.
Than one day…something happened. Thor had been walking out of a club and was sacked by a couple of ruthless thugs who beat him up to the point of fracturing his jaw. What happened after it was undisclosed but rumor has it that the doctors tore it off and replaced it with and iron jaw before he was kidnapped.

Place of Birth: Iceland

Personality: On the outside Thor comes off as anti-social. In speech he tends to be blunt, usually telling people to leave. He’s slightly paranoid, sometimes afraid that anyone could come at him or be conspiring against him (He’s actually obsessed with conspiracy theory, like, aliens and stuff). Thor tends to keep silent about his paranoia, not to mention, he’s very good at keeping a straight face.
On the inside he’s a well meaning guy, even though he has a hard time showing it.He’s awkward in social situations, probably because he doesn’t seem to let anyone too close considering his paranoia. He's incapable of thinking outside of himself, possessing a great lack of empathy. He sometimes finds it necessary to correct people for absurd things.

Interests: Computers, software, hardware, viruses, conspiracy theory, aliens, Mythology

Likes: Computers, Mythology, dance, flowers, alone time, raving


Job/Class: Hacker leader?

- I’m still contemplating on his orientation but…he has a foot fetish (Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife!)

- He’s blind in one eye.

(more to be added later, sorry)

Weapon of choice: Smarts, crowbar, computers
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