'Maer'yt' Picture

This is Maer'yt again. Yeah I know he's wearing jeans. But really -are you complaining? This is one of my best male bodies as yet. Not quite sure how I did it. What I want to know is why does all 'High' fantasy have to be set in the middle ages? Why can't fantasy be set in NOW? I mean the Arthurian tales are great, I live off em but it bothers me that fantasy can't be universal like Shakespeare. Take that Romeo& Juliet movie that came out a few years back, the speach was authentic but it was set in modern L.A. Why can't fantasy do that? I mean sure there's D&D but thats warped mythology to suit it's needs- its just not the same. My friends tell me I can't mix D&D with the old myths because it just won't work. I can't mix the old myths into modern day and why not? Why isn't fantasy universal to any time or place? Why can't I have a drow and a Rhine maiden have a coffee in some upscale cafe in Boston? If (and I'm not saying the Fey aren't real) if they were wouldn't it be possible? Wouldn't the World be a better place if it WAS possible? If we're all held tight in Memory and Dreams unknowing all our lives?

Okay thats a ramble but still... Pencil '00
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