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Just posting an actual OC/persona, this time from Tokyo Ghoul. Right before I edit things on her for consistency and easier design in the future. Yep. This is not at all unusual for me. Basically, in this, her outfit sucks because I'm fashion-impaired, and I'm fixing that. I just wanted something to link people to so that I don't have to explain things again and again. @[email protected]

So. Big, huge thing coming up, but first...

"Wait a sec, is that a One-Eye, or...?"


If you haven't been following me for a while, know that I'm secretly into genetics. Kotori has a genetic defect that started out just being a weird color mutation - a golden left eye - but evolved into a true genetic mutation that also affected kagune (usually manifesting as odd warps and ripples, if not an outright malfunction) as I worked with her as a character. The inspiration came from largely from leopard geckos and calico cats. The goal was to make an aesthetically-pleasing mutation that didn't help the organism all that much - if anything, two of the kagune types hit by goldeneye are severely crippled. They just look really interesting, as if kagune weren't already!

Goldeneye and all its quirks is an essay in and of itself. Onto the basic info stuffs.

Name: Kotori Hikawa
Name at Birth: Kotori Suzuki
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Personality: Eccentric rather than insane; generally sociable; has a more dominant nature in her "Phoenix" persona; oddly enough, has White Knight syndrome. Anybody who harasses a girl on her territory dies, and she avoids eating young ladies unless starved. Has been trained, likely by proto-Aogiri, to torture; regardless of what I finally decide for this part, "voodoo dolling" with her needle-like ukaku (hidden in this pic) and occasionally leaving severely wounded humans to die in the rain are staying. She's currently trying to get over two conflicting sets of instructions.

One of Kotori's "talents" is her MO: sometimes, as if taunting her own frailty, she will take a fair amount of damage (especially given her typing) and play dead. She will go all-out with this act, going completely limp until she's sure she's in the clear.

Likes: Animals in general, particularly birds and cats; Americano coffee; serene areas; attention; gorgeous voices

Never tell anybody this, but she also adores giant plush animals (including video game monsters, yes). In her flat in the 20th Ward, she has quite a collection of them. Deep down, she's also hugely weak to hugs.

Dislikes: Her now-rare "accidents" (yes, now her kills are usually deliberate); the uneasy feelings around CCG people (see bio); dogs, mildly; some of the weirder human foods ("you people WILL eat anything…"), any guy who strikes her as...uncouth.

Interests: Music (almost any!), mythology, translated Shakespeare, writing, coffee (to the point of almost being an aficionado).
Education: Homeschooled at first; later, public school attempted.
Occupation: Karaoke bar server; also writes doujinshi (fan-novels), and would love a chance to get into acting.
Rank: S
Alias: "Two-Tailed Phoenix"
Kagune Type: Ukaku x rinkaku
Kagune Abilities: Kotori has two kagune which can be operated independently or together. For a very long time, Kotori only had control over her rinkaku; it wasn't even confirmed that she had an ukaku until kagune blight (made-up disease, also its own essay) hit it at a young age, forcing it out for a solid week. She is thus usually treated as a mono-rinkaku, even though she technically has two kagune. Ukaku only comes out when she's bleeding and injured already.

First off, a note on this combo: I've been calling rinkaku x ukaku, in general, the "all-out attacker." It has the potential to strike extremely hard, extremely fast. Kotori certainly conforms to this mold, albeit in a rather odd way. She also has the frailty that comes with this combination. It's suspected that her relatively high regeneration rate is the result of conditioning rather than anything natural. (I could math this.)

Kotori mostly uses her rinkaku, which is an extremely flexible, deadly piece of work. Although the top resembles a reptile's scales (and looks similar to Jason's), the bottom has downward-facing 'teeth' like those on the inside of a snake's mouth. This allows for the odd combination of "razor scales on top, downward-facing hooks on the bottom." The hooks are not only good for tearing off (and storing!) chunks of flesh and grabbing any loose clothing, but also gripping into the tiniest edges or bumps of armor and ripping it off like a car hood. A larger, stronger claw on the top assists.

The rinkaku itself is mostly creased "skin;" the core is only about an inch and a half thick. If well-fed, the scales and teeth alike will look and feel thicker.

Kotori's ukaku is defective. It manifests as porcupine-esque quills (or feathers still in the sheath!) rather than a wing. It hurts enough that she usually bites her hand rather than her tongue, and is less hesitant to do that if she is already in blinding pain. These Rc quills can then be used like throwing knives, or "loaded" into those hooks, then flung. (I PROMISE I will show this in another pic! Kotori just isn't usually cooperative about having them out.)

At the start of the story, she cannot yet erupt her quills into a normal wing (which is something her mother could do). Farther down the line, she is not only capable of "erupting" her quills by giving them a Rc overload, but also manifesting the same quills in those "teeth" (a result of '"kagune bleed" - where the dual types' kagune almost blend into each other). The eventual impression is that of four flaming wings.

Ward: Currently 20th
Bio: Kotori was the daughter of a goldeneye opera singer, Hibiki Suzuki (AKA "Swan Song"- goldeneye ukaku), and a mysterious circus performer known as "Magic Man" (rinkaku). They lived in the 17th Ward until Kotori was about 5. Her father would bring her trinkets from around the world, taught her to unleash her rinkaku as a form of "magic" that would indeed keep a five-year-old amused, and was gone most of the time. She would often read books or listen to music when bored.

Then, one of her mother's fans happened to be a CCG agent, and decided to finally take action against Swan Song. The last thing Kotori heard after being told to run was her mother's aria, which she had developed as a sort of self-hypnosis before unleashing and erupting her own defective ukaku. It was the last thing Kotori heard before being told to run. Since then, the sound of an aria has always sent Kotori into a sort of hypnotic trance, during which she's extremely suggestible.

After that final note, she ran like the wind. The CCG agents were able to get her anyways. Out of a combination of regret, pity, and SCIIIENCE!, the guy who ordered the attack to begin with took Kotori in as his personal "pet."

She then became what can only be described as the CCG's "white tiger" - an exotic, but defective beast trained to perform as the humans liked. In exchange for unleashing her tentacles and kakugan on command, she would get things like extra food (in the form of human gelatin cubes), and outings to places like Kyoto - the place where she saw her first phoenix atop one of the temples.

Some time in this period, two human boys caught her salvaging rain-washed worms and putting them back into the soil. They asked why she was doing that; those were worms, and why should she care about them? Having been taught that life was equal, she abused the idea, stating that those two were no better than the worms she salvaged. This idea was later twisted further...but I'm trying to keep this short (plus, anything potentially involving proto-Aogiri is shrouded in haze).

The treatment as a pet lasted until Kotori was about 13 years old. By then, a few cubes weren't enough to feed her. Her first kill was made so quickly that she was not aware of what she was doing until she was already face-deep into a corpse. (For the record, the inability to recognize humans as food has been dubbed "Flandre Scarlet Syndrome" by yours truly. This, too, is its own essay, and Kotori still has traces of it.)

Not knowing what to do, she ran. Another ghoul, Coyote (bikaku), saw what she'd done and pulled her into his own hole in the wall before the CCG could get her. He took some of that corpse as soon as they were gone, of course.

Coyote was the one who taught Kotori the "ropes" she never really got to learn - fighting, tactics, and how to feed without getting caught. Eventually, she developed her own "mercy kill" strategy ("you won't even know what hit you"). Anyone at the CCG who knew of her existence saw her as painted with a big bull's-eye, so she was also very good for diverting attention, allowing other ghouls to get hits in while the agents' focus was elsewhere.

(A lot of this area's actually pretty open. It's why I like using Kotori in RP's. There's a ton of wiggle room. Originally, I was going for "proto-Aogiri into regular Aogiri," largely because Coyote had gotten in trouble with them and offered up something rare to get himself off the hook - or just because they might know more about that defect than he did. Some pretty radical changes take place here, but by and large, she's not much more than a rare source of amusement for Aogiri, too.)

Through interactions with a ghoul who went by the name "Lion//Manticore," Kotori learned not only a few tricks of seduction, but also that she was able to get others to join her by killing, eating her fill, then offering the rest. As the shrine IS her territory after a certain incident, (lots of maidens that need protecting - oh, White Knight), kills are done outside of sacred grounds, and Kotori would really rather you didn't harm maidens.

Also, thanks largely to Coyote, a rumor spread through the grapevine that one could ask her anything regarding human OR ghoul life, and get a more or less straightforward answer depending on how much she trusts the asker. Although she came to the 20th Ward because it was peaceful, who knows how long that'll last...

Tokyo Ghoul is (c) Sui Ishida. Kotori's mine, as is the goldeneye gene. Kthxbai.
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