Skip, Scruffy, and Ellie Rough Picture

Now that this has been put into RotL as a ref sheet, I'd better update the info with stuff pertinent to the game:

This young lady is only fourteen, but she's been listening to adventure stories on the radio and reading about exotic places in National Geographic and always dreamed of being an adventurer. When she saw an ad looking for brave people willing to work for a trading company on a practically wild island, she saved up her pennies and ran off to join up. Of course, she had to pretend she was a boy for that, so she cut her hair, dressed in a manner to hide key anatomy and falsify other bits, and wore a hat to cover up the messy hair. The only name she gave was "Scruffy." Around the dock, most of the others thought "he" was "batting for the other team." She developed a crush on Skip, which made him quite uncomfortable considering he thought she was a teenage boy.

Scruffy was possessed on her first trip in the jungle by a member of a set of demons called the Epeldri (I think, I can't remember but I know it started with an "e"). After stumbling upon a ruined civilization covered in weird statues of monsters, she made the mistake of touching one of them, which somehow broke the bonds that held the demons in stone. The demons used to be held as god figures for the civilization in the jungle that she, Skip, and Captain Asmuth stumbled upon, but after becoming to power-hungry and powerful, they destroyed the people who worshiped them and were almost immediately overpowered and locked away by the rest of the supernatural community. It is held in check by the bell I only now realize I did draw. She wears this around her neck at all times, because if it comes off the demon will not let go of her this time.

Scruffy is young and excited, but very inexperienced. She loves adventuring, and often pretended to be Adventure Andrews, the hero of a popular funny book before meeting the demons. She is usually very bouncy, although she is not the most skilled at using technology. She does know pretty much everything there is to know about everything else, just ask her, she's a teenager. Luckily, she doesn't often show this off to people. There's a monster inside her and every once in a while it takes over and kind of makes her sound like a triple-voiced uber-Nazi, and she would like to avoid sharing that with everyone.

Ellie was a perfectly normal baby elephant. Well, as normal as a creature living on a sunken land-bridge which hosts animals usually found continents away from each other can get. However, she is now a bonded demon. What this means is that a demon has been bonded to her permanently, unable to escape or function as anything other than a baby elephant for as long as she exists. She doesn't age, she can speak, and she is rumored to like the taste of man, although nobody's seen her eat anyone. She is under the control of Sam, who put her into Skip's service as a helper to fight and hopefully destroy the Epeldri. Although she doesn't really like her mortal companion and considers herself to be a higher organism, she is terrified of the Epeldri gaining enough power to return in full and is happy to fight them however she can. Even if it means helping Skip on a regular basis.

Ellie does, on occasion, use some demonic powers. However, because she is bonded and essentially under Skip's control, he must give her permission. She's made it clear that she doesn't have any time for him, and he fears she may kill him if he gives her too much liberty, so doing more than giving advice or being a physical attacker is not common. However, a baby elephant is a force to be reckoned with. If she does get control of her abilities, she can create tiny rifts in space-time to do a minor teleportation, change the composition of matter (including but not limited to the ground under your feet) and changing her physical properties (i.e. she gets faster, stronger, transluscent, whatever.) There are limits though, and she cannot stop being a baby elephant no matter what.

Skip, like pretty much everyone else in the late 1930's, is down on his luck. He finds an ad for a job on an out-of-the-way little island that's recently been open to colonization, and he really can't turn the offer down. It's that, or starve. When he reached the island, he found out he was to work for a cargo company, dragging cargo and the occasional idiot through the jungle from outpost to outpost while avoiding flora, fauna, disease, and bad equipment. On his first run, where he and the other newcomer, Scruffy, were being shown the usual route by Captain Robert Asmuth, he managed to save the boat from crashing in the middle of a river after a hippo attack and took everyone into the jungle to find a place to stay for the night before returning to base. They soon came across a ruined civilization, accidentally released the demons that were trapped in stone, and he ran off while the other two were being possessed. This is how he came to be in charge of either recapturing or, preferably, destroying them.

Skip is pretty sure he's going to die on this mission. Either he's going to get caught by some super demon while it's regaining it's powers or the minor demon he's traveling with will eat him, he's sure. Or the fact that he stopped smoking cold turkey will kill him, because he can't get another pack of cigarettes if he wants to eat. If he can get something to drink, he'll take that though, along with anything else that might come in handy for demon-battling. A six-shot Smith and Wesson, for example, or a couple of bells he keeps around him at all times. (Bells ward off demons in some African mythology, if you're wondering.)

Skip is good at figuring out how things work, and at piecing things together into some kind of working order. It's a required skill when one has no money to buy nice things. Those boats break down all the time, and the boathouse is in such poor shape every skipper soon learns how to improvise or improve what's around him. Finding technology he isn't familiar with is more likely to be seen as a godsend than a problem. However, Skip really doesn't like seeing creatures he's not familiar with. In fact, he isn't sure he likes some of the ones he knows. Elephants, for example. Or large cats. Or hippos.

He has a silly sense of humor, and often drops a pun or two in an attempt to lighten the mood. He does this especially when he's uncomfortable or nervous. As mentioned before, he's a smoker recently forced to quit because there are simply no cigarettes to be had, but he drinks when he gets a chance. Just enough so he can pretend nothing is wrong.
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