Proxy Blood - Neelmani Picture

race: Naga
age: 29
length: 20 ft
weight: 396 lbs
homeland: Mandara-nchal, Bhagalpur, India

The nagas' beloved prince was always discouraged from leading the naga army, but as a proud warrior he insisted, even on representing his people in the Struggle. He doesn't ever remove his diadem, even while fighting, so no-one forgets who he is. Protecting it from thieves is seen as further proof of his badassery.

When he wins, the nagas form an alliance with the cave-dwelling peoples of the world. Their rule is benevolent, aside perhaps from a constant demand of tribute in the form of first pick of all gemstone mining. Many former human cities become above-ground cave networks with advanced forms of sunlight utilization for farming. Before long, a political map of any country will require a multi-level depth view to properly illustrate its primary inhabitants. As a side-effect, the dragon population undergoes a significant worldwide boom, with mixed consequences.
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