Grettir Snorrisson Picture

It has been a dog's age since I posted anything on this site, but here's my first picture in a long time.

This is a new character named Grettir Snorrisson. He is for a new hawaiian story that I'm working on. Alas, the story of Gordon Sheppard just did not feel like it was going anywhere.

This story has volcanologists too, but they are a little tougher and less friendly than Gordon, who, looking back, looks a little whimpy.

Grettir, on the other hand, is a man who looks like a strongman and thinks like an angry volcanologist. He hails from Iceland, a nation where bodybuilding is an unofficial pastime. Grettir is not a bodybuilder, but as you can tell, he does work out regularly.

Though he is an Icelander at heart, he lives and works in Hawaii. This is why his 'thor's hammer' pendant is laced with puka shells. He has a lot of respect for Hawaii and it's culture. So if you're a tourist who decides to take a lava rock home or you almost hit a hawaiian goose, you don't want this guy to find out.

Grettir gets his name from an icelandic legend of a strongman whose temper was terrible and cost him his life. Like his namesake, Grettir is a man who is almost as temperamental as the volcanoes he studies.

This drawing is also an attempt at drawing male anatomy. I know I could use more lessons on this, so constructive criticism on this regard is welcome.
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