Michael Regarding Humanity Picture

The Catholic left-hand of God, High Seraph of the Seraphium, embodiement of God's strength, originally the primary God of the Chaldeans. Watching it watch Mankind makes one realize 2 things: angels are not beautific and are certainly not pure good.

This is inherent in Persian Mythology, from where springs Christian Mythology: angels are direct representations of a force- be it the beauty, strength, word, gravity, timepiece of god or what-have-you. They never know doubt or purposelessness, utterly inhuman.


Original: on a napkin drawn while having coffee at a diner. Trucker comes over to me looks at drawing:

"What chew draun there?"

"An...'angel'... well actually: Michael High seraph
"Speakin uh heavun- I'd like to get me a piece uh that there aynjuhl- mmmhmm!" he points over to a 16 year old girl sitting with her family she looks directly at *me* when he points at her. The flashed expression is both a little timid and contempuous. I feel embarassed for both of us as Im sure he must have winked or licked his lips or some godawful thing. Sure she's pretty hot, but come on man, she's 16, with her family and likely not attracted to a guy over twice her age but beside all that, what irks me is that you interupted me, a total stranger who hasnt looked anywhere but the at the picture hes drawing for at least an hour, to point out a girl to oogle? Deep inner growl.

I said some stock line like "Careful 16'll get ya 20." and turned back into the napkin.

"Only if they citch ya! Heh ya haw haw hooo... Good luck witcher drawin mayn."


Perhaps this is the reason for that look in Michael's eyes as he regards us.


Later colorized in Photoshop w/ a blur or two as well.

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