Muir Fionnghall Picture

First of all mega props to Dosu--Kinuta for kicking my ass into gear and drawing me the poses/male frames so i could just doodle overtop of them (because I cannot draw men to save my life). Anyways thank you so much and here's my second newest baby

Name: Muir Fionnghall
Name Meaning: "sea or moor", "White, fair, stranger"
Age: 324 years (appears 19-22)
Species: Each-uisge (Scottish Water Horse)
Height: 6'
Weight: 130 pounds
Nationality: Scottish
Eyes: Pale Grey
Hair: Light sea foam green/blue
Scars/Tattoos: None
Special: Wears glasses occasionally (he is near-sighted)

Mythology: the Each-uisge is a mythical creature that is similar to a kelpie. They are water horses who are seen as more dangerous than kelpies in mythology who prefer calm, stagnant salt water lakes and sea lochs. Each-uisge can turn into humans when they are not in the water, but can be identified by the patches of dirt or mud that stay on their bodies from the sea along with seaweed tangled in their damp hair. They also shapshift into fine horses or ponies while on land. It is said that if a man mounts one of they are only safe on their back as long as the Each-uisge is away from any water. If it sees or smells water it will run into the loch and drag its rider to the bottom to devour them. All they leave behind is their victim's liver.

Extra: Each-uisge are most commonly near-sighted because theu live at the bottom of large bodies of water. Like fish, they have extrememly sensistive bodies that can sense vibrations in the water and air that alert them to movement from far away. Because of this capability, their eyesight does not develop to full potential and is only ever needed for close range.
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