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"Hurry up, Glow! The alarm's going to make up the guard's any second now!"
"Song, how bout you try to do precise magic with a splitting headache.

Name: Treasure Glow
Gender: Female
Species: Alicorn
Parents: Princess Celestia and Hoof Beard
Personality: Glow is the kind of person that doesn't have much of a filter, she says whatever comes out of her mouth, really. She's not sassy, in any sense of the word, just honest. Except, she isn't always honest about what she feels and wants, and this can lead to later heartache and regret for her, unfortunately. She doesn't like people seeing past the facade that she had to construct while living in Canterlot, and the few people that she lets in are the only ones who see the vounerability within. Glow can be very stubborn, and doesn’t care if she’s not doing something the ‘right’ way or the ‘easiest’ way, it only matters that she’s doing it her way. However, this is often leads to her over-complicating things, or sometimes just making herself look stupid. (She doesn’t know that she has this habit.)
Back Story: To say that Glow felt out of place in Canterlot would be an understatement. She knew she was the daughter of a pirate, and not the actual child of Celestia's husband. No one ever specifically told her, but Glow managed to put the pieces together from the hints that Luna kept dropping every time they talked about family. Glow felt that everyone in Canterlot was pretending to be someone that they weren't, a 'shiny happy person' (to quote that R.E.M. song). She got the impression that no one wanted to really know who she really was, they just wanted to see a vision of a perfect princess. So that's what she gave them, after years of trying to be herself. Things changed for her as she got older, and her pyschic ability to sense treasure strengthened, and she got her cutie mark. (Her ability isn't to have psychic visions of treasure, but to sense how close she is to it, and what direction she needs to move in to get it. Kind of like a metal detector.) That was the only thing linking her to the father she had never known. However, since her ability was so strong, being in a palace filled with valuables caused her to have horrible migraines from her mind being overwhelmed by stimuli. So, she had to leave the palace, and Celestia let her go. She drifted across Equestria before eventually heading towards the seas, not quite sure what she was hoping to find. While in a bustling harbor town, Glow got mixed up with some pirates, and started using her abilities to help her comrades. It all worked out for few years on the ship, called "Miss Fortune", and Glow couldn't think of a time when she'd ever been happier. She was free to be herself, and do whatever she liked with her time. But, Celestia had been keeping tabs on her daughter the whole time, unbeknownst to Glow. Her every move was being watched by undercover members of the royal guard, who were already stationed in the harbor towns that the ship visited. Eventually the ship was reported to the authorities, the entire crew was arrested, and the riches were seized by the government. Glow was spared from the worst of it when she was hauled back to Canterlot by the royal guard. Celestia was clearly furious with her daughter, and gave her two options: 1. Spend the rest of her life in jail for her crimes. Or, 2. Repay her debt to society by painstakingly returning or rehoming the items she'd help steal, and live a crime free life. Of course, she chose the second option. In response to Glow's decision, Celestia called in a favor to Saddle Arabia, so Moonlight Sonata could assist Treasure Glow in the process of returning everything. Many times, Glow and Song have had to break into museums to return stolen items, or just to put stolen items inside a random exhibit. Glow somehow thinks that that's the easiest way to go about her task, without drawing too much attention to herself. (That’s what she’d doing in the picture.) After returning what she could, Glow became involved in helping smuggling investigations, and dedicated most of her time to going on missions to find long lost artifacts. Sonata stayed by her side even after her original task was completed, the two became very close friends. Glow has actually come to love her new life, and that feeling came to her as a complete shock! The archaeological missions allow her to seek treasure and excitement on her own terms; the drawback to piracy was that there was a captain telling her what to do. Now she decides where and when she wants to look for treasure.
Cutiemark and what it means: A compass with an arrow pointing towards North, and with a small, blue gem in the center of the arrows. Glow has the ability to psychicaly sense treasure, and/or items of great value. I somehow forgot to color in her cutie mark in the drawing!
Likes: The ocean, spending time with Moonlight Sonata,
Dislikes: Museums, jewelry shops. (Places that make her head hurt.) Attending royal functions, fancy dresses
Living situation: She doesn’t have a permanent home, but keeps a room at the palace for her most important things. Taking orders.
Sibling(s): Glow’s half siblings are, (their father is an as yet unnamed Canterlot pony), Pearl Aura and Amber Sunshine.
Theme Song: Speed the Collapse by Metric. In my mind, the lyrics describe giving everything up for a new dangerous lifestyle, with plenty of uncertainty. That reminds me of the ups and downs in Treasure Glow’s life. And it has a lot of lines about waves, and the sea.
Relationships: Glow isn’t very close with the man that everyone assumes is her father, she never felt the same connection to him as her sisters had with him. That stems from the fact that she knew that she wasn’t his child. Glow’s relationship with her sisters is fine, but she gets annoyed by their superficialness. Her relationship with Celestia can be strained at times
Ailments and Mental Notes: Like I already mentioned, being around too many important objects (old paintings, money, jewels etc) overwhelm her and lead to splitting headaches. Which makes life at the palace nearly impossible, and breaking into museums really difficult. Her childhood left her feeling that her true personality has to exist behind an exterior shell that’s made up of what she thinks other people want to see from her. This trait has decreased as she’s aged, but hasn’t gone away completely.
Voice actress: I think that Aubrey Plaza would be a good choice. But with less of the deadpan that she has in Parks and Recreation.

Name: Moonlight Sonata (aka Moon Song, the new name I came up with means the same thing, a sonata is a kind of orchestral composition)
Gender: Female
Species: Alicorn
Parents: Amira and Haakim (The Saddle Arabian pony who appears with Amira, I'm assuming that's her husband, it would make more sense if Glow and Sonata weren’t related.)
Personality: Sonata doesn’t fit the profile of a typical singer, kind of quiet, and doesn’t have an oversized ego, typical of many preforming artists. Because of the hypnotic component of her voice, Sonata is worried that people might just like her because they’re being hypnotized (accidentally), and that her singing isn’t even good. So while preforming is very satisfying for her, it’s also very stressful. Sonata is very mindful of all of her actions, and considers all major decisions very carefully. But when she’s mad, or if her adrenaline is flowing, she can quickly become combative and capable of fighting or defending herself.
Back Story: The first few years of Sonata’s life were spent living in the family palace, mostly being raised by maids and nannies. With her parents being Saddle Arabian ambassadors to Canterlot, Amira and Haakim were often away on business. Sonata was always able to talk the nannies into letting her stay up late, or have more dessert, but she wasn’t quite sure why they kept agreeing with her. Sonata was very careful about asking, because she thought that asking too often would make them say no. Around the time of the eighth birthday, her parents started taking her with them on their business trips. This made her so much happier, because those years had left her starved for attention. While she was traveling, Sonata would often sing to entertain herself on long journeys. Which is when her singing first started developing. As Sonata grew up, she became familiar with dozens of countries in Equestria, and felt comfortable in all of them, but her nomadic lifestyle kept her from calling any one place home. She kept singing as she grew up, and her voice became otherworldly. At the first concert she gave, the audience became entranced, the collective group swayed in time to the music and cheered uproariously. Sonata could tell that something was seriously wrong, and was terrified at the effect she was having on the ponies. Eventually, she was so unnerved that she had to leave the stage in tears, horribly confused at what was happening. Her father had been in the audience that night and was seemingly unaffected by her voice in the same way that the audience had been. He met her backstage and told her that it seemed that her voice had been having a siren like effect on them. (If you’re not familiar with Greek mythology, that reference might not make sense.) She didn’t quite understand what was going on but her cutie mark suddenly appeared. Sonata had to spend the next several years trying to understand what her cutiemark meant, how to use her abilities for good, and how to interact with ponies without manipulating them. She spent a few months doing some soul searching out in the Saddle Arabian desert, and when she returned Princess Celestia had an interesting offer for her. If Sonata wanted, she could accompany Princess Treasure Glow in her adventures across the globe, keep her out of trouble, and help her return artifacts she had stolen. Sonata was immediately intrigued by Celestia’s offer, she’d never had the opportunity to travel without her parents, with the exception of the months she spent in the desert. She accepted the offer, and became best friends with Treasure Glow. One thing that Sonata often did was sing a lullabye to put museum guards to sleep so Glow could sneak an artifact into an exhibit. Even though they ended up returning all of the stolen objects, Sonata continued to travel the world with Glow.
Cutiemark and what it means: A black spiral with music notes on it. Sonata has a extremely beautiful voice and can sing like an angel. But, there’s something about her singing that can put people into a hypnotic state. It’s unclear what specifically about her voice induces hypnosis, but she can convince people to do very small tasks, lull them asleep for a very short amount of time, make people believe something, or talk them into letting her do something. The ability can be difficult to control, and sometimes Song isn't sure if she's actually hypnotizing people
Optional (you can pic and choose from this list below ONLY must have the top list)
Pets:Has a small pet salamander named Sobek.
Likes: Fresh night air, songs that rhyme, spending time with Treasure Glow
Dislikes: Getting sand in her little black shoes, not being able to find Sobek
Sibling(s): None
Theme Song: That Girl Could Sing, Jackson Browne. Aside from the obvious, the song is about a relationship with someone who can never stay in one town for too long.
Voice Actress: Zooey Deschanel for normal speaking, and Sarah Brightman for singing. Look Sarah Brightman and up an listen to the first fifteen seconds of any of her songs. Her voice is breathtakingly angelic, and is exactly what I think of for Sonata.
Relationships: She has a good relationship with her parents, but she wants them to focus more on very, and less on her abilities. She feels a little like she’s their pawn at sometimes. Treasure Glow is her best friend, and feels like Glow is one of the few that can see past the beauty of her music, and see the real pony underneath.

Please note: My scanner is old and crappy. It screwed up Moon Song's colors, and made them a lot more blue than they were in the actual drawing.

Yes, I updated the writing.
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