Scorpion yoshi Picture

Unfinished sketch of a taur-ish scorpion yoshi.

I mostly got this idea from two games. First is Deadly Creatures, which allows you to play a real desert scorpion. Look it up, it's awe-inspiring; and it made me wish I were a scorpion myself.
The second game is Age of Mythology where, if you choose to play as the Egyptian culture, Scorpion man is one of the mythical units you can train in a temple. It's kinda like the Scorpion King in one of The Mummy movies, except without so many extra pincers.

EDIT: The scorpion body now looks better I think, and I have reduced the yoshi part to avoid self-stinging. At least (s)he has some sort of anatomical accuracy now, even though I'm still seeking to improve on a couple details.
There are still a few adaptations due to the torso; the cephalothorax is modified to support said torso, the tail has twice as many metamers for the flexibility needed to reach over the shoulders...

Yoshi belongs to Ninty. Scorpions belong to Mother Nature.
This picture is mine. Dare to steal it, and you'll be savagely stung and torn into oblivion.
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