Adonis WIP Picture

Name: Adonis Carlton
Rank: Ensign, recently promoted to Lieutenant
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: Chimera

Adonis lived his life as any other soldier would, with one exception: He was at the beck and call of the scientists of the military. He was a Chimera, but not in the mythological sense. He was mostly human, he knew that at least, but other than that he knew nothing. He woke up in a nanotank when he was 13, and was forced to be a military dog until for three years, afterwhich he lost his arm on a mission and ended up the military's weapon with a little help from his mother and her scientists. Constant pain. It was all he knew until he was told endlessly that he couldn't feel it. And in the end they were right, he couldn't feel it.

"You are a monster."

It was what his partner had said to him. Some damn land dweller who was always smiling like there was nothing wrong and fighting as if his wife and daughter were in danger. The idiot, what was wrong with him? Didn't he see that the only reason to kill was because their enemies were in their way?

"What is it you fight for, Adonis? Who do you fight for?"

It was something he started asking himself, and he realized he only fought and killed because he was ordered to, he had no other reason. Adonis' questioning eventually caused his partner's death.

To live outside the military, what could it possibly be like? He figured he'd never know. But when he stumbled away from a criminal holding facility, his mech arm half torn off from his battle with a particularly dangerous convict, his fate changed forever. In his delierium, staggering down the street a man stumbled upon him, and offered his aid. Adonis quickly accepted and the man lessened Adonis pain, grounding the exposed wires that were slowly frying him, killing him. He'd taken the soldier back to his apartment and made fixes to his arm without the usual tug and anger that Adonis' mother always did. It was nice to not grit his teeth when this stranger fixed his arm. This stranger was the catalyst, this stranger, Texhn, would be the one to get Adonis out of the military.


Yeah, so that's the story, sorta. It's progressed from there. And I'm going to fix this pic up after awhile and give it color. I know...I know...the mech arm sucks. I can't draw...mechanical things. ;-; I'm sorry, I tried. I'm sure I'll eventually fix it, and maybe I can make this one actually look decent with a little color.
But otherwise I'm decently happy with it. Oh, yeah...the frontal basically how he looks after he leaves the military. His leaving was probably one of the best parts! XD No, seriously, having him let Texhn put a gun to his head and then build up the tension and stuff while they hijack another cruiser was great fun!

And up until this morning Adonis was my annoying little virgin boy. *smirks* BRING ON THE SMUT!! >.>
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