EA Staff- Kara Brynhildr Picture

I LOVE Mythology. Mostly Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian but I've been reaching out to some Asian and Inuit as well xD
So yeah

Edison Academy

”Real Name:” Brynhilder Kára Hlaðguðr-Svanhvít

”Earth Name:” Kára Brynhilder

”You kids do realize that my old job was to determine who lived, who died and who went to Valhalla, in other words, heaven, right?”

First Name:


Last Name:


Name She Goes By:

Kára Brynhildr

What Student’s Should Call Her:

Miss Kára or Miss Brynhildr

(Co-Workers may call her Kára)</i>


6 ft.

Weight 406 lbs (193 kg)

Note: Her tissue and bone are several times denser than a human’s



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