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...Once they were all at home and sat together for dinner the boy told his parents about the math test and school and they chatted carefree and enjoyed the food. That was until a humming sound surged from nowhere and got louder and louder while the table started shaking and made the plates and cups bounce. A blinding light surrounded all four males and the next second the kitchen vanished into a blure of colours and darkness.
When the surrounding stopped swirling they stood in a gigantic hall. The first thing they heard was an approving whistle and a deep voice saying "They do indeed look quite similar do they not? Impressive." "Hardly.", a second, quieter voice, sneered "Thee were always so easy to impress by outer appearance. From the inside they are both broken." "And Thee were always so perceptive about everyone but thyself.". The second voice huffed and then came two pair of boots down the stairs. When the little family had recovered from their unexpected journey ^^ they came face to face with two tall men who were different as night and day. The one was blond, with sun kissed skin, a muscular body and golden armor covered by a red cape. The other was slim and pale, his long locks raven black and his well formed body clad in black leather and green silk. "Good evening Midgardians.", greeted the man with the red and golden armor "I am Thor Odinson. Welcome to Asgard.".

Extended scene

Thor looked dumstruck at the man who looked such much like him and had apparently stolen his name as well. “...wait. What? Asgard? Where the hell is that?” The other man chuckled softly "Oh how delightful! I was wrong it seems, Ye ARE both the same. Both as dim as a bilgesni-" "Loki.", Thor admonished and both the man and Loki cringed. The blond man shook his head and turned back to the couple "We will explain everything when the time comes. For now we just need Thy help." "You must be truly desperate to call upon some mortals to help you.", Loki Chaseson noted with a slight mocking lifted brow. The other Loki smiled wrathful "I like the mine, he's cute.". Loki cast him a glare. Both men looked literally the same, they even seemed the same age. Just their face was a bit different. Loki Chaseson had soft features, his skin was smooth and his green eyes sparkling. Loki Laufeyson had a hard face with sharp cheekbones, a constant sneer twitching at the corner of his thin lips and his eyes were dark from trust too often been broken. Thor Chaseson owned the same softness as his brother with kind blue eyes and a friendly smile. In contrary were the blue eyes of his double cold as the sky from a war too often slayed and his smile charismatic but arrogant, aiming to encourage a crowed to fight rather than the simple wish to express joy. "If you think me so fascinating then by all means keep me. But let my family go home.", Loki Chaseson said quiet but firm and looked at the two men. But the one with the red cape shook his head "I understand that this might frighten Thou but the both of They need to stay. The others may return." "Thank you.", Loki nodded and turned around to his father "Chase, take Timmy and go home. We will-" "No!'", Timothy shook his head and clung at his father’s leg "No I'll not leave you alone with them! They are just like the scary man...". Loki sighed and crouched down in front of the boy to look at him "Timothy, I promise that daddy and I will be save. But you must go with Chase. We can't leave him alone remember? He'll get all lonely then. You have to be a big boy now and look after him.". Timmy bite his lip and looked at the doctor and then his daddies. "But dad... what if you don't come back...?", he whispered and fear stood clear in his blue eyes. Loki run a hand through his hair and looked at his husband for support. "We promise you, we will be back before you even miss us. You can't miss school remember. And your football practice is tomorrow. You have to go and make me and daddy proud.", Thor smiled and then he kissed Timmy's cheek softly. "Now go with chase.”. Timothy looked still very unhappy but in the end he nodded softly "Okay...see you soon.". He kissed both his dads at the cheek and then took chase's hand. "Stay save.", the doctor whispered and kissed his sons at the brow. Then they were both surrounded by light once more and a few seconds later they were gone. "Maybe we should take this conversation to a more private place?", Laufeyson suggested quietly "The walls of this halls tend to posses ears." “Very well.”, the other god agreed and they moved to the private chambers of Thor. Once they were alone the couple sat down on two grand chairs in front of the inflamed chimney while Odinson sat down opposite of them and Laufeyson remained standing beside him. "Well, I believe some explaining is required.", he said softly and Thor took the task to enlighten their guests "Right yes. Well as I said I am Thor son of Odin, god of thunder and prince of Asgard. This is my brother-" Loki rolled his eyes but he had given up on correcting the oaf "-Loki...of Jotunheim, son of Laufey and god of mischief.". The other Loki suppresses a chuckle. Laufeyson narrowed his eyes and looked at the young man "Something amusing Chaseson?". Loki grinned slightly and shook his head "Sorry no. Please continue.". Thor lifted his brows but then continued his explanations "A couple of weeks ago us reached the message that soon the dark elves will seek their vengeance and try to drown all realms in darkness once more. Me and my brother are able to stop him but he must not know of our mission. Thy purpose shall it be to cover our absence while we are gone." "Unfortunately my powers do not extend to an illusion of such dimensions.", Loki continued "Though I am able to fool the eye of our enemy I cannot hold such sorcery over a wide distance.". He snapped with his fingers and two perfect clones of the brothers appeared. "And they are not perfect.", Thor added and tried to touch the illusion but his hand slipped through the bodies like fog. Loki bristled and crossed his arms "So Thine task is easy. Take in our place while we try to rescue all realms. Questions?". The brothers looked speechless at their divinely twins and the god of thunder cleared his throat “But before that, do Ye wish to dine with us?". Loki changed a look with his husband and then nodded. They would need some time to process what just had been said. They followed the others to the dinner Hall and took a seat at the long table and servants brought them plate after plate with food. Halfway through the dinner the doors opened and two more people joined them. Thor stood up in a sign of respect while Loki remained seated. The other Loki from Midgard looked up to see who it was and his eyes widened "M-mother?!". The God of mischief rolled his eyes "Thou are here for barely one hour and already long for Thy mother?" "Our mother is dead.", his twin said bitterly and the sneer faded from the god's lips "My apologies.". Loki just nodded and watched as the royal couple took a seat. The King looked exactly like the Odin they knew, just with other clothes. And the Queen reminded painfully much of their mother as Loki remembered her, just a bit older. Thor had never know his mother for she had died when he was three years old. "It's okay...", he said softly when he noticed his brother tensing up and he smiled. Loki took his brother's hand and tried to calm the flood of emotions down that roared inside of him when he looked at the woman. "Good evening Thor, Loki.", she smiled warmly at her sons and then looked at the other two who looked so very similar only a bit younger and more vulnerable "Are these the two young men Ye told us about?" "Yes mother.", Thor smiled and sat down again "Father, mother: these are Thor and Loki Chaseson from Midgard.". Loki took a breath and then force a smile on his lips when he looked to the royal couple "It's a pleasure to meet you Sir and Madam.".The woman smiled softly "The pleasure is ours. Have my sons told Ye everything?" "Yes mother.”, Thor answered before the brothers could open their mouth “Tomorrow we shall start with the training. I will show Thor the palace and maybe we can start some fighting practice." "And I will show Chaseson how to be King.", Loki continued and then made a face of fake realization "Oh, how could I forget? I am not supposed to rule am I?" "Loki...", Thor said softly and gave his not-anymore brother a quick look. Apparently that was a sensitive topic because the mood was noticeable cooling down. The rest of the dinner was spent in silence. Afterwards Thor and Loki were brought to their own room. "Since Ye two seem to fancy incestuous behavior we thought one bed would be sufficient.", the god of mischief sneered as he opened the door for them. "At least I didn't give birth to an eight legged horse when it's true what the mythology says.", Loki sneered back in the same tone and they glared at each other before the god swirled around and left the room. Loki sighed and run a hand through his hair "Well, this is going to be fun."...

'Haunted' by Emilie and me

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