Lysander Picture

Name: Lysander

Age: Unknown

Species: Water nymph/Siren

Occupation: Music Teacher

Personality: Lysander is overly sweet, for starters, and loves to help his students when he isn’t too busy being his usual, lazy self. Some might say that he is naïve and innocent, but he has a huge thing for *ehem* bondage. He absolute LOVES cute items; he acts like a girly girl often and loves to talk to his plushies and the girls in his class about gossip and the latest news. He obviously isn’t interested in anyone right now because he has a wife named Vanya. He spends his free time reading, writing songs, or talking to his friends via cell phone.

Background: Lysander is the love child of a water nymph and a siren, born and raised in Greece. Being magical creatures, even though they were both female, they could give birth to a hideous hybrid with gills, sharp teeth, and a beautiful voice that could lead many to their doom. He was abandoned, but was raised by a female merchant, whom taught him how to sing and play the lute. When he grew up, he gained many desperate suitors, but he was uninterested and head out to find a decent job. He ended up at the Academy, and fell in love with Vanya, an unpopular student who needed help with playing the flute.
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