suyo and morty Picture

these two I have had for years. these two have quite a history in my own mythology of over 1200 counted characters.

Suyo: outsider who was kidnapped and turn into a weapon, but her unstable mind took control of her tech body and changed into something new and powerful. A melee savant with claws and burning wings.

Morty: the man of the cross and the nation. A super soldier of a bygone era and intellectually as unstable as suyo, but is focused with a sadistic religious center. Life and death are imaterial to his mind, but his duties as a soldier of god are law. He likes to watch body parts fall

Guilt filled hero who sees the truth of the world vs a clown of carnage to is protecting that lie.

angel vs priest

melodramatic? yes, but I came up with them at age 13 and I am now stream lining it.
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