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My fantasy world of Arathol. these are 4 of the 7 continents of the world called arathol:

On Errin, the continent in the north east of this map, are the following cultures/people/races:
The most western part is habited by humans (a Nordic/Germanic culture), dwarves (stereo type LotR style dwarves and culture) and all sorts of goblinoid tribes.
the Æðelas are habited by humans (a Saxon-style culture), according to the mythology do the first humans come from here (historical incorrect, but the first human documentations were written in stone here)
The peninsula of Arnoch is habited by elves (with a Gothic-like architecture and a extremely discriminative culture against females)
the portion of land south of Arnoch, somewhat in the shape of Gondor, is inhabited by a Gondorian-like culture (very original)
the great forest north of it is inhabited by a lot of goblinoid tribes. A certain part is protected and inhabited by grey forest elves.
The area of Adena is part of the Byzantine-like human Empire of Adena. (also a lot of different races and cultures can be found in the massive cities)
The riverlands are inhabited by the rivermen (a human frankish-like culture)
Dunland (literary old English for Hill-land) are inhabited by the hillmen (a early medieval like German culture)
the grass sea is inhabited by horse riding, but not nomadic, humans with an old-English culture (rohan, yeah)
the Arabôth Highlands (north of the grass sea) is basically a massive plateau, but with an unclear border (the cliff is eroded and now there is only a weird slope line across hundreds of kilometres) and is inhabited by all sorts of goblinoids, dwarves gold wood elves, gnomes and humans.
the dale, east of the Arebôth highlands is inhabited by human tribes (much like the late bronze-age, but with steel tools, thanks to the dwarves) and again all sorts of goblinoids.
The Arath-Till Woods are partly under control of green wood elves (or high wood elves), humans and goblinoids. The mountains north of it are home to great dwarven empires and large orc cities. The coasts north of it are home to nordic-like humans (other kind than the in the west, but definitely related).

Ikon: a Greek like culture of humans and halfelves.
Cirth: a Carhtages like culture of humans
Tol Litse: colonised by the republic of Cirth and the Gondor-people.
The Great Desert (I misspelled it first: the great dessert.. yum) is inhabited by nomadic humans (a Nubian culture)
Green Stone is a Gondor-like culture of mainly humans.
as is Röne
from the central area of Az-Aroth (still unnamed) around the rivers and the great lake are egyptian like culture all the way the partly enclose sea east of the continent
the arm (most south-western part) is inhabited by lizard man (a species of humanoids, resambling something between humans, snakes and Varanidae) A little to the east of it live Japanese like cultures of humans, further to the east are Chinese like cultures and from the black jungle, all the way to the eastern coast, is home to Indian like cultures. The white part between the Indians and Egyptians are west to east inhabited by: Persian-like humans, Mongolian-like Humans and a mix between Japanese and Arabic like cultures at the coast. Also are the savannah's home to the lion people (a mix between lions and humans). The white area in the west (west of the river that divides the savannah in two) are home to the same nomadic humans which also live in the great desert.
All the mountains on this continent are also home to goblinoids.

The eastern lands
Beginning with Elesia forest and the Veha Dale: here is the remaining kingdom of the great human kingdom of Thuyai. The great kingdom once stretched all the way to the Goblin Tribe Realm and the Arath-Till woods, but this is what happened:
The kingdom was in constant war with the goblin and orc tribes in the east and north. A goblin shaman from the east found an ancient artefact, from before this world even existed. It was an necromancer staff, made by the undead demon king (which is extraordinary because demons aren't technically even alive, also do demons have a burning hatred for undead, just like undead have a burning hatred for things alive, there is only one undead demon). The staff infused the shaman with ideas and necromantic magic. The shaman went secretly and disguised as human to the high priest of the Islar Vale (the valley east of the veha vale) and the undead human-like goblin shaman planted the staff in his back with one powerful hit, while the priest was alone and outside the holy ground of the temple. The high priest wasn't quite dead, he was actually undead now. The high priest corrupted the eastern temples and slowly forced the eastern part of the kingdom in decline. When the he had control over all the cemeteries in the Islar Vale and all the temple was corrupted and defiled, he launched a massive attack on two of the biggest cities. One of those, in which the unholy high priest himself was, was utterly destroyed and turned in a necropolis. the other was partly saved by the Mage-guild, which simply burned half of the city with the undead. About half of the population was saved. The western part of the kingdom finally understood what was happening and send the combined armies of the duchies to the east. The forty year war started and after forty years everything east of the mountain range in the middle of the kingdom was defiled by the undead. The goblins and orcs managed to resist them and a stable front was established by the kingdom. The High priest Lich created a volcano north of the mountain range, infusing the ashes and smoke with necromantic magic, so that every living thing inhaling it turns undead. however the plan of the now socalled fire lich failed because the green wood elves andmages from the kingdom turned the wind to the south east. the clouds of defiled ash and smoke collapsed with the winds from the sea and were forced to the ground, creating the Ashfields, where no living man may walk. The ashes went with the rain to the subterranean realms of this world, where it happened to get in the food of an huge ant-like race of semi intelligent hive insects. The queen, the most intelligent of the race, became undead and also the rest of the hive. Unable to reproduce like a living creature, the queen was forced to find an new way to enlarge her hive. She dug her way upwards to the surface and emerged near the coast. She mutated some of her workers to posses the mind of ghauls and zombies, which were plenty in those areas. By experimenting with her eggs she found out that by planting the eggs in the womb of living mammals the eggs would actually grow. After a year of trying different mammals she also noticed that the brood was affected by the host. The more intelligent the hostess, the more intelligent the spawn, the stronger the hostess, the stronger the spawn. She started raiding villages of still normal humans at the pirates coasts, and kidnapping all the living things. She made huge underground chambers for the captured humans, elves and orcs to live in, but also for bears, wolfs, and other mammals. Using them as cows, breeding them, always making sure that there are enough females. With an new power in the area wars erupted again. the war between the kingdom and the firelich were nothing more than skirmishes at the borders by now. But the undead Queen and her hive and need for food, war erupted between her and the firelich. The firelich decided to launch personally an attack on the great hive. An epic battle between the undead queen and the fire lich was fought, destroying the area around the hive. Thousands of undead insects were killed, only to stand up again and go on with their "lives". The lich king was defeated and consumed by the queen, her mind considerably stronger overcame his mind, and the firelich is now an bodiless slave to the undead queen. The necromancer staff was launched during an explosion in the air and it found its way to a sleeping read dragon. Which was awoken by the battle. The staff took over the mind of the mighty dragon and so came the dracolich to the play. The firelich was replaced by the collective mind of his 3 high generals, which rule as if the firelich was never gone. The dracolich flew over the hive, all the way to the mountain range. The kingdom stood no change against the dracelich were it not that the mighty roar had awoken an golden dragon. Curious he was, for the golden dragon had never heard such an roar. The golden dragons are protectors, like the green dragons and the sapphire ones. It is in their nature to protect goodly folk against unholy enemies and the dracolich was defiantly unholy. after destroying the eastern part, east of the river, which splits the veha vale in two, the golden dragon and the dracolich fought. The golden dragon was infused with holy magic by a local priest and the now holy dragon, the champion of Elisia, wielder of gold staff, defeated the dracolich. The dracolich was forced back to the mountains and form there spreading the plague. His mindless minions roam the newly named plague woods. The wars between the undead and the kingdom of Thuyai has become the the wars between the kingdom of Thuyai, the dracolich, the undead queen and the three liches. If it were still one undead power none on this world would be able to stop them, but it is in the nature of evil to bite itself in the neck.

The golden plains and Thunder steppes are inhabited by nomad humans, with a Slavic-like culture
Rómendor, Lossetaurë and Taurë Rómen are home to the silver elves and red wood elves.
south of that massive piece of ice and those huge mountains all the way to Ioj, in the north east, is inhabited by humans (native-american like culture) and a bunch of goblinoid sorts.
those huge mountains are home to an inca-like culture of panthermen (guess what. it's and hybrid between humans and panthers)

the coast east of the Azar-Lith Desert is home to humans (native-american like culture)
azar-lith desert is home to human nomands (arabic culture)
the dunes and the coast south of it are inhabited by humans (an persian, arabic, umbarian (from lotr) like culture)
the same culture lives in the central area (that almost rectengal area surrounded by mountains)
the east with light green part is home to a Maya-like culture of humans.
the arm is home to trolls but is also colonised by those umbarian.
that island to the south (called chey) is home to an aztec like culture of humans.
all the mountains are inhabited by goblinoids.

i think i covered everything... The names i will change and I will make it all look nicer.
thanks for reading, please leave a comment on what you thing about that story of the kingdom of Thuyai.
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