Siresse Picture

What if we could visit other planets similar to earth and learn about the cultures they have there. This is a portrait of one of the mythological figures of another world? Siresse is an alien volcano spirit once worshiped as a goddess in ancient times during the time when Egypt was at large. Like the people of Egypt, to Siresses culture, anthropomorphic animals were the deities along with some human like deities, only there were only seven people considered deities. Could there have been other furries, yes, there were, and they were servants to the ones considered gods. Siresse was considered Goddess of Volcanoes, Lava, The Hearth, as well as Love and Sex. She is however an unlikely one because she is noted for her bad vision, nerdyness, patience, and love of chastity. In fact her culture was generally a very chaste one, they waited til marriage to have any sex at all, and she was no exception, being in the beginning completely uninterested in fornication, and after being married to Vellok the Lord of Fire, who took the form of a melanistic fox with little bits of red dyed in the fur, she knew him and swore in her wrath she would never know or marry another man. Unlike Pele, her legend takes place in the Jungle where Mexico and the Aztec ruins would be, but she was still considered a lava goddess. And her contrast with Aphrodite and other Earth love deities would cause her to come in conflict with some if she were to ever visit earth. She isn't very grumpy, and is genuinely very friendly, and loving, though she is insecure unlike most mythology figures. She wouldn't sit on her high throne in her red pyramid, she would go out and talk to the people of her culture, and make friends. The people were called Chutek, or Chuteki, which was odd because their Chaos Deity, Loktec had a son named Chutec, along with his wife, Virah. Other deities included The Dark One, ruler of the dead, and Nisiri, Lady of the Night, and a roaming lord of time who traveled in his house, which was the color of the sea, and bigger inside than out. This man was named the warrior, though he hated war, and appeared mainly as a spikey haired man wearing blue with strange shoes and a long brown coat, or a swirly haired weird person with a strange red necklace with a tan coat having almost no eyebrows. On this planet the word for warrior was doctor, just in case my description didn't give it away. Siresse is by far my favorite so far, and she is a source of encouragement for nerdy girls. After the civilization changed and the old religion was done away, Siresse happily though sorrowfully and nervously retired from being their deity, and simply called herself the Volcano Spirit. In the modern age she is Queen of all Delta's Volcanoes, which is the planets name. She rules them fairly but doesn't rule very much of the humans on that world. She is a guide and a friend, betrayed quite often, but loved more, as well as respected. She is among the most popular of Delta's cultural figures, and is genuinely nice to everyone unless they hurt or scare her, which is where she will dish out the sass in degrees until or unless she finally erupts and her wrath is unleashed. She dislikes perverts, and doesn't put up with sexual harassment, that is one thing you need to remember about her. She has accepted her role as a spirit or guardian, and wishes for elements of her old life to spill into her new one in a good way, as she no longer wants to be called goddess. When she comes to earth, she expects to be treated like a person, not bullied, harassed, or violated, and will throw lava balls if this is not given her. She can shapeshift, as well as become lava itself, and is a lot more powerful than she liked to let on. She likes to surround herself with objects reminiscent of Chutek and her past, and just loves to be around cats, because they were a symbol of power for her people. If anything, she would be your friend unless you pushed her too far.
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