Teacher Application: Tesla Banta Picture

★ Name: Tesla Nikki Banta

★ Age: Twenty-seven.

★ Height: Five feet and three-and-a-half inches tall.

★ Weight: A hundred and twenty-three.

★ Gender: Female.

★ Orientation: Often times heterosexual, occasionally homosexual, sometimes bisexual.

★ Subject: Counseling.

★ Likes: Rainbows, food, scary stories, Jeopardy (the game show), French stuff, caramelized onions, transsexuals, bacon, cheese, history, Slender Man, Nikola Tesla, Xena (the show), Greek mythology, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live, My Little Pony, sci-fi (Doctor Who), the world, math, classic rock, the Powerpuff Girls, The Fratellis, ACDC, The Beatles, OK Go, Harvey Milk, Rogue (Marvel), Deadpool (Marvel), Iron Man (Marvel), Oracle (DC), Cassandra Caine ( DC), Raven (DC), Ninjette (Adam Warren), Snow White (Vertigo), Truffaut's films, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Roald Dahl, TS Eliot, and sweets.

★ Dislikes: Monochromatic-ism, scary stories, dull and utterly drab things, bubblegum pop teeny-bop music, jeopardy (in her real life), homophobes, YOLO (as well as swag and everything else associated with it), Lady Shiva (DC), Justin Beiber, OMG Girlz, Mindless Behavior, soap operas, unrequited love, bitter melon, Twilight fans (the book and movies, never Twilight Sparkle~!), , grammar murderers, physics, Thomas Edison, popinjays, fops, coxcombs, dandies, false promises, fake love, and spicy foods.

★ Skills: Sounding smart and confident when she actually isn't, determination, doing something with reckless abandon if she really wants to enough, spelling, a huge vocabulary, great singer (but a freaking disgrace at dancing), being a ninja, can have an objective viewpoint even with the people she hates/loves, carrying people way taller then herself, ending up in bed with strangers, and making creepy faces.

★ Personality: Tesla is mostly happy and slightly flirtatious (she doesn't know when she is being flirty, however), a bit shy around attractive people, sensitive and emotional at times, defensive of her actions, prideful of her students, always hungry and critical of posers. Has a slight fear and natural wariness of people who are too nice to her. Frivolous with money when she has any. Acts like a psychologist sometimes. Tries to be fun, but isn't unwilling to be strict and harsh when necessary...

★ History: Hails from Los Angeles (but born in her native Manila, Philippines), where she grew up in a relatively small Filipino family. Her parents loved crime shows, so she was raised with the mindset that anyone could be just around the corner to try to rape/murder/kidnap her. She was very close with an aunt, but grew depressed after said aunt fled to her homeland after leaving Tesla's family thousands of dollar in debt. She felt used, but over the course of her adolescent years, grew stronger and "forgot" about it. Sisters practically raised her along with her parents. Always felt she was in the shadows of her sisters, though, being the youngest, so she strived to be better than them... She did. Had hopes of becoming a super-ultra-freaking-wealthy billionaire, but when she discovered a fondness for helping teenagers with their present and future problems, she decided to become a counselor. Before becoming a full-time counselor at MAS, however, she traveled around the West coast for five years. Almost got famous for singing. Something happened in those two years that changed her life, but she won't be telling anything about it unless it's brought up.

★ Any Other Extra Info: Curses like a sailor. Has a capricious sense of fashion. Dislikes students who don't try their best. Not a commitment-phobe, but doesn't have many long-term relationships. Carries a pocket knife with her and is saving up to get a katana umbrella. Read her older sister's whole psychology book in ninth grade. Will always be waiting for the Doctor to come in his TARDIS and invite her for multidimensional adventures through space and time. Has no particular type (but she does prefer guys who can make her laugh, which isn't hard). Writes when she's bored (songs, stories, poems, etc.). Named after super-duper-uber awesome scientist Nikola Tesla.
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