Clan Trow Children Picture

So here we've got Anwen, my selkie, in her half seal form. Complete with seaweed bra! ;D

And then head shots of her siblings!

Braith is 21 and is Wynne's oldest son.
Next is Gareth and Gwen Wynne's 15 year old twins. Gareth is 7 minutes older.
The youngest girl is Kiera and is 10. She is Quinn's daughter.
Than lastly is the pup of the family, Conan the 3 year old. He is Quinn's son.

Braith is the promise child. He is just like their father, Doran. Strong, capable, dependable, kind, caring, and most importantly he comes from good stock. He has all of the desired traits of a selkie man. Sea blue eyes, dark hair, and his family crest (which is the spot above his chest) Braith is also very sweet and hardworking. He's planning on moving to the island soon to keep an eye on his sister. Braith has a very strong bond with Anwen and thinks of her more like a twin than the half sister she really is. But he also has a strong bond with all of his siblings. He will be the next head of the Trow Clan when Doran dies.
His name is unisex Welsh name meaning "Speckled".

Gareth is a brat. He knows he will never leave the shadow of his older brother and will never be the head of the family. He's always felt a bit overlooked by his father and sometimes his mother. He's just the middle child of hers and the second son. So he acts rebellious because he thinks it's the only way he'll be noticed in the family. He is extremely close to his twin sister Gwen and shares everything with her. He may outwardly act rude, and mean, and try to be a bit of a bad boy, but really he is a softy and a sweet heart. Very caring and compassionate. He dreams of living on land and working with animals.
His name is a masculine name from Welsh Mythology that doesn't have a meaning, but it first appears in this form in Thomas Malory's 15th-century compilation of Arthurian legends 'Le Morte d'Arthur', in which Gareth was a Knight of the Round Table, the brother of Sir Gawain. Malory based the name on Gahariet, which was the name of a similar Arthurian character in French sources. It may ultimately have a Welsh origin, possibly related to Gwaredd meaning "gentleness".

Gwen is the mellow headed one. She's calm, and cool, and collected all the time. Very bright and wise for such a young age. She's always willing to lend a hand to those in need and she always has the perfect piece of advice to give. But on the inside she is very troubled. She's extremely self conscious and a little embarrassed by her twin brother Gareth. His outlandish behavior always getting him into trouble at home and at school. But she loves her brother very much. She has a stronger bond with him than any of her other siblings.
Her name is a Welsh name and the feminine form of Gwyn meaning "white, fair, blessed".

Kiera is daddy's little princess. She's babied and spoiled by both Quinn and Doran. Her spots are still developing and her hair still has to get a little darker, but she will be a good wife to a strong Selkie man when she's older. She's beautiful and sweet and loving and kind and caring. Everyone who meets her instantly loves her. But she's very self centered and thinks the world revolves around her. She's a whiny brat when she doesn't get what she wants and constantly throws hissy fits. She isn't extremely close to any of her siblings and refuses to call them her "real" siblings besides Conan because they have different mothers. She doesn't understand that they are one family, and outright refuses to.
Her name is an Irish name and is an anglicized form of Ciara, and Ciara is the feminine form of Ciar. Ciar is a masculine, Irish name that means "Black".

Conan is the runt of the litter. The youngest child and youngest son. He is still in his pup stage so his hair is white and he doesn't have his spots yet. But his hair should have started darkening already. and his spots should have started to appear. Also, his bright, shining, baby blue eyes should have started darkening as well. The family fears that Conan is "tearcfhorbartha" which is Irish for "Underdeveloped". These white haired, blue eyed, spotless Selkies almost never ever marry as they are poor stock and would not produce good children. But Conan is little sweetie. He's bubbly and friendly and loving.
His name is a masculine, Irish name that means "little wolf" or "little hound".

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