The Enigmian Picture

The Seventh Commission with Nightwing1975. In Batman Arkanjel every friend and foe has supernatural or mythological parallel and signature to its nature. Standing neutral as neither friend or foe, he is the master puzzle-maker, the illusionist supreme, and one of the worlds greatest Sorcerer's of the modern age. Adversary of the Justice Legion A, The X-Men Neotype, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Relaunch and every other hero team on earth, he sees fit to replace the heroes of Earth as their successor on the intellectual scale. He accomplishes this by facing New York's young webslinger Spider-Man Cybernatural, and Gotham's Champion Batman Arkanjel, and yet he fails every time. But he adapts and learns like no one can believe. He is no fraud of a man behind a curtain, but the true Oz the Great, Terrible and Powerful of Gotham City......

Riddle me this and riddle me that, who's afraid of the the big black bat?
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