Elixir-Animus: Emile Picture

Name: Emile (( E-meel, NOT Emily! ))
Code number: N/A
Region of origin: Kanto
Species: Charmander
Sex: Male
Ability: Blaze
Element: Helium
Elemental control: 4 out of 5 stars
Talisman: His top hat
Age: 16
Color: Pastel Pink
Personality: Emile's wise beyond his years. He's usually bright in spirits, but he tends to be a bit mysterious. The thing he wants most in the world is for everyone to know the true meaning of magic, creativity, and adventure.
Height: 2'03"
Weight: 20 lbs.

History: Emile has always believed in magic. Not the same old " pull a rabbit out of a hat " magic, no sir. The magic of adventure, the magic of the moment, the magic of memories. THAT kind of magic. One day Emile was on one of his adventures when a man found him and picked him up. He struggled to get free, first by scratching, then by biting, and soon he was hissing and burning the human. Nothing seemed to work, because soon enough one of the man's minion Pokémon tackled Emile down and kept fighting until Emile couldn't stand. The man soon threw an odd capturing device at him and Emile was shut inside. Emile tried to get out with all the strength he had left, but soon he was burned out and just laid inside the ball, excepting defeat. The next few hours were all a blur, because he fell asleep. When he finally woke up he wasn't in the cramped ball and instead was in a larger box, which he figured out was called a cage. When he let out a cry the two people chatting noticed and glared at him. They hastily put a pin in his arm and soon he felt a sharp pain and fell asleep. When he awoke, he had pain all over his body and his head was in major pain. He realized he had gotten more shots because his skin had red marks on it and some of his skin color seemed to change a little. A man looked down at him and said " Ah, you're awake. " and carried him into a room of many other Pokémon. There was a label on the door that said " EXPERIMENT POKEMON STORAGE ". Of course Emile couldn't read it, but he could make out a few letters and assumed that's what it said. When the human was gone, a Pokémon came up to him and said " Welcome, you must be new here. My, you're only a child! Don't worry dear, it'll be okay. The human is here to " enhance " our skills, not hurt us. " Emile was mainly happy just because of the fact that he knew another fellow Pokémon was forced to be here. He was so happy, he hugged the Pokémon, his tail aglow. It was an impulse, he couldn't help it. He stayed there for about a year, when suddenly one day the place was on fire. It seemed only the Pokémon survived, but then again, the fire didn't reach the Pokémon's room until later on, so some humans might've escaped. Emile was the only Charmander in the bunch, so the Pokémon soon blamed him for the fire and started an uproar. He just sat there, depressed that everyone was blaming him for the fire, when all of a sudden he got angry and started stating the facts like rapid fire. Everyone was amazed and believed him after all of the good points he stated. About a month later, the Pokémon found a place to reside, and lived there happily. When they were still trying to find a place to reside in, Emile met a man doing a magic show in a town. He watched the show until it ended, and the man happened to noticed and gave him is hat. Emile was ecstatic and put it on. He soon skittered back to his group and strode along happily.

Moves: Outrage, Flamethrower, Scratch, Block, Smoke Screen, Fire Spin, Dragon Rage, Fire Fang
Crush: N/A

Likes: Magic, Fire, Baby Pokémon, Fellow Fire-Types, Day dreaming, Fantasies, Mythology, Balloons

Dislikes: How many of the kids his age act, Battling, Trainers (( and most humans in general )), most " realists ", pins

Extra: Emile is very entertaining. He always has a few balloons with him. He carries a bag with him sometimes, but that's only when he's going to be far away from his home. He likes to paint, though he doesn't draw a lot. He loves reading books, and his favorite genre is Mystery. He doesn't enjoy historical books, though he will read them if it's on a topic he enjoys, as long as it isn't a long read. I don't recommend sneaking up on him, because he can sense a person sneaking up on him and if you somehow don't get caught he will deck you, as it is an impulse. He would love to have someone to love who shares his interested with him, though you don't find many people enchanted by magic like him. His top hat is very light, and it floats in the air for a while if it falls off. If you take his top hat, he gets infuriated and it makes his Ability, Blaze, fired up; regardless if he's weak or not. He tends to take of his top hat and inspect it when the atmosphere around him is awkward. He also hides his eyes in his top hat when he's embarrassed. You'll find Emile has a nice sense of humor and loves to have a good laugh. His smile tends to be contagious, and when he's upset, it's best to tell him a joke or just give him a hug and he'll be happy.

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