Elias Tsukimoto Picture

"One man has a tragic past that has been lost in his memories of his beloved mother killed by Ogre, betrayed by his grandfather and his lost to his father as a vicious tyrant..he thought that's the only way to end this curse is to kill his grandfather, his father and himself, dying without a heir..but that's not his decision, his fateful meeting with a young boy who saved his life and saved him in return had change him and his reunion with his beloved younger sister, he willingly to fight for them to stay alive"

New Protagonist of another story "Adonis Hunter Satoshi II: Rising Phoenix". Satoshi's close friend and Hitomi's half-brother. He was a son of Rubeus and Helena and grandson of Hades. He is a half Adonis. His real name is Janus Rubeus by his father, but he prefer his name Elias by his mother because the name "Janus" has traumatized him ever since after his grandfather's betrayal and brings bad luck to those around him. He was conceived when Kraven saved Helena to somewhere place so that she and his son lives happily without Belial and Hades noticed.
When he was a child, Helena visited by Pandora with baby Hitomi in her arms. He befriended his sister and began to play with her. Unaware that Pandora and Helena talking that he and Hitomi are destined to defeat Belial, Hades and Kraven since Hitomi is a direct descendant of Princess Aura. Suddenly, his whole village was destroyed by the Adonis Orge who planned to kidnapped Elias ordered by Hades. However, Alice's father and Helena's sisters were able to keep him safe until the arrival of Helena. But, despite their effort, they failed to save Helena, his mother was killed by Adonis Ogre and seeks out to his grandfather to avenge her. However after his victory, he was shot at the back by his grandfather. Out of anger, he turns into a devil like form and flies away. As he woke up, he met Kraven, calling him Janus and fought him. Upon his victory, he became CEO of Rubeus Zaibatsu and declare war, which one of the victim, Mizuki's sister, killed in war, causes the latter swore vengeance and Alice's devotion to capture Janus but Kraven got there and seemingly defeat his son. Unfortunately, Helena's spirit taken Elias to Terra, walking aimlessly until he met Satoshi. He has no memory of his past being an a part Adonis. Until he met his father, Rubeus that he was his son. Angered by his fate, he wants to kill his father, his grandfather and then himself, dying without a child to put an end of the accursed bloodline but Satoshi, Kurei and Raidou able to convince him that dying and hatred doesn't solve everything and it'll only create another conflict. He also doesn't know Hitomi was his sister when she stops him from killing his father and grandfather and why he always there protecting her. Alastair told him that somehow that their "blood" had drawn them together and he realise Hitomi was his sister with same father but different mother. Despite being half-siblings, he shown that he was deeply love his sister so much, as Satoshi mention that he is very gentle person. His love for his sister and his mother made him turn into a very protective towards a lady and will show no mercy if anyone hurt a women, such as when Ferio tries to hit Hitomi and he gave him a brute force by strangling his arms behind the back. He and Hitomi are seemingly close (which made Ferio and Allen thought Elias liking her in misunderstood) as she first saw him crying in agony and felt guilty for making a world torn apart, which Elias warmly forgives her and hugs her as she cried. He also appeared to be a huge fan of AKB48's Mariko Shinoda, which he considered his favourite idol.

Elias is much older than Satoshi, Kurei and Raidou and the same age as Tazuki Susanoo and Kakeru Tsukiyama. Elias considered to have been as an example of a Seme type; he has a oval-shaped face with flat-chin shape, tanned-skin and somehow masculine and slender body. Although being half-siblings, Elias and his sister, Hitomi had a same light-brown hair and jade green eyes.
Elias's clothing was a black t-shirt that expose his chest and a leather black jeans. With an additional, Elias wears red gloves. As a CEO of IGN Tsukimoto Corp, he wore a luxury suits. He dons a white shirt, purple tie, grey vest and Black suits with black leather shoes.
In his younger years, he wears a white shirt,blue jeans and a red and white sneakers.
While living in the Amaterasu village, he dons an Ash-blond kimono. He wore it during his time with the Amaterasu village when he lost his memory. From s0ph14luvUKn0w prespective, Elias bears a resemblance of Ryan Fernando, having a same height, same face features and same outfit, only the difference that Ryan has black tattered coat while Elias has brown tattered coat. Ryan has a blond hair and blue eyes while Elias's hair is light brown and turquoise-like green eyes.

When Elias was young during the revival of Evil Adonis, he wore a long white shirt, black shorts and brown shoes. He was also possibly paraplegic for he was confined to a wheelchair and had a hard time trying to call for his mother. According to Hitomi, Elias has a disease called NIDS which he was unable to walk.

In Next generation, he wore an outfit that simliar when he was at work. He dons a white shirt, black vest,yellow tie, brown leather jeans and brown shoes. Additionaly, Elias wears a pair of glasses, showing that he became older and mature. He also wearing his long golden-brown coat with a tatter at the bottom during his travels.

In Dark world, Elias wearing a same outfit like most of Aura Guardians similar to Sir Aaron in green colour. However, there's a change as he wore short-sleeves. He dons a green vest and hazel green shirt underneath which tied up at on his torso with a belt with a beast carving buckle. He wears light green trouser with knee-length boots with signature beast buckle on his shoes. He also dons of jade green cape with the Beast Symbol in gold colour and wears a hat that pointed edge and and wing like shape edge at the end of his hat with Beast sign. He also wears green gloves with yellow pattern and a green jewel on it.

In Elias: Road to Redemption,While dancing with Shizuko in the ballroom where he teach her how to dance, he wears a ballroom suit. He dons a white shirt and vest top and a white bow on his collar neck. He also wear Jade Green suit long sleeves with a folded front that pinned on his wrists and a white gloves. He also wears a dark green leather trouser and a black leather shoes. His hair was cleanly comb and his bangs had moved sideway of his right sideburn to reveal his forehead on his side. He also wearing a same outfit from Next Generation. He dons a white shirt, black vest,yellow tie, brown leather jeans and brown shoes. Additionaly, Elias wears a pair of glasses, showing that he became older and mature. He also wearing his long golden-brown coat with a tatter at the bottom during his travels.While enjoying at the sea-side, he wears a casual summer outfit. He dons a light blue shirt that exposed his entire chest,revealing his muscular features, green short pants and wearing long brown boots.

In Adonis hunter special between KOF Kyo x AH Satoshi and SvC Retaliation, he wore similar outift in next generation. He dons a white shirt, black vest,yellow tie, brown leather jeans and brown shoes. Additionally, Elias wears a pair of glasses, showing that he became older and mature. He also wearing his long golden-brown coat with a tatter at the bottom during his travels. He also sports a gloves.

When he was angered, he turned into a devil form as Adonis Chaos the Destruction: while in that form, he has a a jade green scale all over his body,legs and arms with an armor,scales, pads and spikes. However, it does not covering his face and only the few scale from the left side of his face and has one cat-slit yellowish green eye with black retina. Being a demon, he has a horn on his head and his hair turns white. He also develop a bat like jade green wings and has a pale white skin that exposed from his demonic feature. However, he still wearing his trouser, only the bottom was torn.
His true pure form was an Angel form as Adonis Cosmos the Benevolence. However, unlike his devil form, his angel form did not change. Instead, he still maintain his human self. He has an angelic white wings in feathery appearance and his eyes became sky blue and his hair became white. His clothes doesn't rip off and instead he still wearing clothes.
As the Aura Guardian of earth, he wore a turquoise fedora with brown bias with a Beast sign on it, a light minty green vest and gloves with gold bias with a turquoise jewel in each sides of his gloves, bright red shirt underneath with brown belt and pocket-bag on the left side and brown boot and also has a large cape.
As Janus, he wore a yellow long-sleeves shirt,black tie, black leather trousers and brown shoes. He still maintain his red gloves.

Due to his lost memory, Elias is passive,confused young man after turning into an Adonis form. He also developed an example of a "tragic hero" concept; he lost his mother, Helena by the hands of Adonis Orge, betrayed by his grandfather, Hades, whom he trust deeply, learning his true heritage from his father, Kraven Rubeus, to refresh his memory, loosing Lucretia by the hands of Adonis Tarquinius and finally, reunite with his beloved half-sister, Hitomi whom he loved so much. Elias is usually calm, gentle and collected person, to the point that Satoshi points out his true feelings. Despite being half-siblings, he shown that he was deeply love his sister so much, as Satoshi mention that he is very gentle person. However,
his bond with his half sister became his weakness that Mizuki wants to take her away, causes him fall to depression but after Elias finally regained his strength after Satoshi defeating Mizuki, he tells him that Hitomi was his sister and found out that Mizuki didn't harm her because she remind him of his dead sister the he did in the past. Although Mizuki tells Elias to kill him, Elias retaliates that his sister won't be happy if he continues like this. Elias also said he feels the same thing as Mizuki ask him if he lost a sister.
His love for his sister and his mother made him turn into a very protective towards a lady and will show no mercy if anyone hurt a women, such as when Ferio tries to hit Hitomi for refuses to let him fought and yelling at him, he uses his brute force on Ferio, telling him that never treat a women in such violence, also had a habit of rescuing a woman, such as he rescue Lucretia from gang-raped by Tarquinius' lackeys and saves Chan Juri from Belial (though he was oblivious about her feelings) and of course, fight off anyone who dares perversely touch Hitomi, especially Hanson, Hitomi's childhood friend. He and Hitomi are seemingly close (which made Ferio and Allen thought Elias liking her in misunderstood) as she first saw him crying in agony and felt guilty for making a world torn apart, which Elias warmly forgives her and hugs her as she cried.
However, he never loose something precious to him; his friendship with Satoshi and his love for his sister, Hitomi. He looses some of his broody attitude and goes back being gentle person despite his accursed Adonis blood in him. Elias deeply cared for his sister and he even became furious when he hears that Hitomi was kidnapped by Nero and Prince Zeta. He even going so far give blessing to them and show his annoyance at Vanitas' disapproval of their relationship.
He also a develop a deep friendship with Satoshi and mostly became close with most Adonis Hunters. When his father convinced him to kill Satoshi(in his devil form) , he was able to resist it, due to his strong friendship with that boy, he was unwillingly to do so and instead protect him. When Satoshi defend him from the High Council trying to arrest him and Hitomi, he is shown to be surprisingly shed a tear as he felt touched upon Satoshi's words and seeing him crying for him and Hitomi's sake. When he saw Satoshi was grievously injured by a unmerciful Hades, Elias began to snap and charged at Hades.
His friendship with Satoshi is so great and he willingly to protect him at the cost of his life since his sister loves him so much and his "death" had made him enraged and will kill anyone that kill his friend, like how Satoshi sacrifice himself to destroy the main source of the "Absolute Destruction" of the Fate Alteration conducted by Belial, Elias was distraught by this, along with a seemingly grieving Hitomi, noted on how this world wont be end if Satoshi still lives. His death brings total grief to him, as seeing him crying while cradling Satoshi's bloodied body after killed by his grandfather, Hades in attempts to kill him. However, he seemingly rejoice upon the revival of Satoshi, thanks to Hitomi's Aura power saving the world from Belial's attempts to renew the Fate Alteration with her scepter, and he was the one grab Satoshi when he was about to fall. His strong relationship with Satoshi had made him returned to life. This friendship become more stronger as Satoshi willingly to hold grudges against anyone that cause him crippled, especially Mizuki Faust and eventually defeating him in ordered to save Hitomi. Another show of his special bond with Satoshi was he has a high reputation in protecting him after the death of Sasuke, even going so far embraces a crying and sensitive Satoshi like a brother. Also, he tries to keep Satoshi away from Nero, his arch-nemesis whom Satoshi was defeated once by him but eventually rescued by Elias and Hanako's interruption, who was tries to persuade this half-sanctus to avenge humans to no avail, which leads them into heated rivalry; as Elias show his immense anger and annoyance at Nero for trying to take Satoshi by force as he seeing him as a threat to Satoshi's life, whereas Nero also sees him nothing but "obstacle" who tries to keep him away from Satoshi and much disdain at Satoshi's friendship with Elias who was being Adonis.
His friendliness towards other younger boys cause anyone think that he might be a gay; noted on how he willingly to share his room with Satoshi (due to his room being ransacked by his sister, Satoko fighting a lesser Adonis) , and taking a bath with Satoshi and his friends as he helps Satoshi to scrub his back, much to his embarrasment. He also having a worst mood when his room being stormed in by Ferio and Miyu thought Satoshi had a "deep relationship" with Elias, to his dismay, but he told him that he sharing his room.
Elias also deeply loved Lucretia and he was concerned about her safety, offering to give her shelter and gave kindness to this misfortune woman. He even forgives her when he learns the truth (via his precognition of her past) and he's very protective of her. Her death had triggered his grief and anguish, causes him into a give an instant death to Tarquinius. He hold his promise to her that he will protect the future of humanity and hold her necklace as a reminder. He even promises her that he will not let anyone he loves dies and bring happiness with them. He somehow saw Lucy, Lucretia's daughter who look like her, in tears as soon he met her, but he does aware that she wasn't Lucretia but her daughter Lucy impersonates her and he pretends that she is Lucretia so that he doesn't want to sadden his friends. Unlike Vanitas's negatively view towards Lucretia, Elias view her as a "Pretty girl" or "beautiful lady" and "a misfortune lady who wants those who needed her to be love and care".
Elias also closed with Shizuko Trigger, when he first met her at the lobby, stating to look for a half-breed Adonis to help her to save her parents. He was reluctant at first, but quickly accepts her offer.He and Shizuko became close, as he saved her life from Renmants of Roc; Ai, Hina and Ayaka. He even refuses to let Shizuko fight alone, stating that he will protect her, like when he rescue her from Ai and her sisters when he realized the latter had eavesdrop his conversation with the his father's co-worker, which results having him injured, only to be saved by his brother-in-law, Satoshi in the end. When Shizuko tells him about Lucretia, he has no hesitation to tell the truth. He also shown to have a playful side, as demonstrate that he threw a snowball at her with a giggle, which prompted Shizuko get her playful revenge by playing a snowball with him and playing with her. Elias before he played with her, he was a bit unsure why he feels strange about his feelings for her, but he felt great to be with her and see her happy, like teaching her how to fed the bird, and give an understanding shake head and a warm smile, feeling sorry for her for not properly feeding the bird, like she tries to feed the bird but the birds fly away, he show her by put her hands down and fed the bird and successfully one of the bird fed in her palm, which Shizuko smiles.
Unbeknownst to Shizuko, Elias was fall in love with her quietly, as noted in his speech in "Something There" that he said "She was clumsy and she didn't make up her mind and now she's dear and so unsure" and "True, she is meek and innocent but there's something in her that I simply didn't see!", where he thought that he wonder why he didn't see it there before and he "feel strange for a moment, could I ever thought that this could be?" and also stated that she's cute when she is timid and shy while dressing his ballroom suit, as Dante agreed. When facing Ai and Yuzuki, he exclaimed to them at the same time by saying "She's not a monster, YOU AND YOUR SISTERS ARE" and "The one who wants to destroy the world here is YOU!", he also states that Ai and her sisters wouldn't known, prompted an enraged Ai to attack. Alice states that Elias lost Lucretia and that necklace was his only treasure of his memory, and also made a joke to her that "If a beast fall in love with a woman and earned her love in return by the time of the last petal falls, the spell is broken", since he noticed that Shizuko loves him in return. Elias also states that he doesn't want anyone will become like him and will never let anyone's fate became true, like when he learned from Rion Lucious( his old friend who own Lucious enterprise) about Shizuko's background; that she is the vessel of Roc, Elias furiously declared that he will save her from her fate. Since his love for her is strong, he declared his love for her, which she returned her love in return as she falls in his arms, the two shared a kiss. While Elias reuniting Shizuko and Dante before going to face Yuzuki. Shizuko tells him that she always love him even though he has a cursed fate of being Adonis. After fighting against Yuzuki and the Renmants defeated and the Roc finally destroyed with his love for Shizuko, he and Shizuko were married and had a daughter named Nanase Trigger and a son named Emeris, which he quickly made a bond with them, since he likes children. This probably that he heard that Lucretia said that she wants to be with him, married and be happy with him and planning for the children but her efforts failed. However, he made a promise that he will protect her legacy. Elias love deeply towards Shizuko and wanted to protect her even though Vanitas don't approve their marriage which he was going so far asking Elias to divorce her, noting that she will going to abandon Elias just like Lucretia, however, his outburst of disapproval that earn a slap from his enraged younger half- brother for bad-mouthing at Shizuko and telling him that Shizuko is different and she won't be like Lucretia, citing that Vanitas never support his new family despite he, Hitomi and Ventus were his only family he had left.
Elias stated that he doesn't like seeing girls crying, as he stated to Shizuko and his sister, Hitomi that any girls who cry will remind him of Lucretia and he wanted to see them smiling.
Surprisingly, he also appeared to be a fan of AKB48's member, Mariko Shinoda, whom he says that Mariko was his favourite member.

It appeared that he is rarely get angry but somehow, he doesn't like his real name, "Janus" and he does show anger to anyone mention his named, such as Alice calls his real name and demanding his past action, only gets frightens as soon he gave a glare at her, but he quickly gets over with it and forgave her. But after he once learned the truth about his heritage of being Adonis, not only hurted his head, he became mad and angry. His hatred towards his predecessors made him to kill his father, his grandfather and then himself, dying without a child to put an end of the accursed bloodline but Satoshi, Kurei and Raidou able to convince him that dying and hatred doesn't solve everything and it'll only create another conflict, which he was unable to do such thing to bring himself to do it. Elias rarely hold grudges but sometimes he hold grudges against his father and grandfather. He also has an immense hatred on Tarquinius from hurting and humiliate Lucretia for his selfish gain to sacrifice her to the devil but Elias later re-meets Tarquinius in Azazel's body, he expressed displeasure and sympathy to him for evading hell, saying that he have enough hearing his story. Elias didn't think highly about his heritage as Malevolent Adonis, view them nothing but vicious creatures than the benevolence one, the one he show respect. He hated his father and grandfather but after finding out the story behind Kraven's cold and ruthless behaviour, he began to soften his heart towards the dying Kraven, gaining his son's love and affection, as demonstrably tearfully hugging his father's dead body and letting Hitomi kisses her father's forehead before burying him, thus, he and Hitomi embraced their heritage to defeat Hades.
Elias also deeply love his brother, though he was slightly annoyed at his lack of reaction, even going so far to find him. Vanitas is one of few people that Elias allows him calling by his real name: Janus. Those two often look out for each other, even they're not in a goofy way, a recurring running gag that Elias being yelled by an annoyed Vanitas. He also somehow easily aroused when Vanitas insults Lucretia for abandoning him, calling her "worthless woman", the opposite Elias calling her "Beautiful yet Sad lady". However, Elias told Vanitas the truth about Lucretia, he has seen comforting Vanitas when he broke down in tears.

As a CEO of the IGN, he became a formidable ally for Satoshi to investigate the Adonis. He become more reserved and mentally stronger after his ordeal from his past and returned the Oil Factory to Lilly's father's company that he had before and helped Alice's father's dojo to raise their salary. Now raised from the ashes, he runs in company to protect all humanity and earth to his newly-reformed IGN. Elias also has gained more friendship term with Alice, Dante and Satoshi. Also, he is a great teacher, as he trains the younger kids, including his son, Emeris, along with his wife and daughter, Shizuko and Nanase, and Alice and her father.

When he was a child before Hades and Orge ravage his innocence by betraying him and kill his mother, Elias was pure, innocent little child. He was very close to his mother, Pandora and his newly-born half sister, Hitomi. He easily frightened when Adonis Ogre attacks but he appeared to be free-spirit, as shown he angrilly throw a stone at Ogre to no avail. He also shown devoted to his mother, going so far calling her.

In SvC Retaliation, he plays a role as a new sponsor of the new King of Fighters and ally. He is known to be observant and suspicious about Rugal and M. Bison's plan and reason about their entering the tournament. Like Satoshi and Kurei, he is furiously despises Iori's obsession of killing Kyo. He is shown to be fearless against him, even going so far threatening Iori by doing so telling him that he will incinerating him with his Photon Cosmic Beam if he ever tries to put his "claws" to Kyo, causing an enraged Iori forcibly back off. He even share his trait with his relative, Alice, that is his dislike violence and those who wants fight outside tournament. He also shown to be despises Shadaloo and Rugal for taking over the world and killed many innocent lives, including the Al Bhed that M. Bison ordered to killed them all. He seems to have a friendly terms with Guile and Heidern as well.

In AHS vs KOF KYO, Elias seems to be aware of Kyo and Iori's lineage and blood feud, Chizuru's suspicious of him and the aura guardian, the return of Orochi and Yuki's heritage as Kushinada, revealed that he has a knowledge of 1800 years of Japanese Mythologies about Izanagi, Izanami, Amaterasu and other deities and the existence of Yamata no Orochi. Like Satoshi, Tazuki and Ayane, he is greatly despises the Orochi clan and he willingly to defeat them at all cost. He seems to have a bitter rivalry with Yashiro in one occasion "We both had a power of earth..but I'm a life-giver, not a life-taker!". His animosities towards the Orochi was so great, he has his special intro against Orochi clan was "You..should have fallen into sleep for eternity!" and his outro "You shall pay for your sins in your afterlife!", even going so far nearly bashed Yashiro and Chris with choke-slam position and even tortured Shermie in return for tormenting Ralf by doing some mental-breakdown for her, making enough to scares her.

In Crisis in Terra, Elias became a hero to defeat NESTS in order to save Satoshi and his friends who were held captive. He even saved some of the children and take refuge for rehabilitation, two of them are Shade and Rowena. He also has a deep compassion with Shion, Satoshi and Satoko's clone and "younger adoptive sister", as he kindly takes her in and train her, a bond of father and daughter Shion never felt as Elias was one of the few people treated her like a daughter. Another example his love for Shion was he became offensive when people see her as a hooded-puppet or calling her "it" rather than "her" or "she", such as Diana (at first which made Elias angry and raised his voice for the first time), Krizalid and Professor Jones calling her "it" as they see her nothing but hooded puppet. He also show degree of sadness and mourn for Shion as she dies surrounded by them with love. Not wanting to see Satoshi became sad, Elias create a new body and her previous memory before NESTS interfered and she was isolated in an incubation tube hoping to bringing her back as "human". He seems to know Shade was Vanitas and Lucretia's son but chose not to tell him which he feared that Shade will be furious. However, Shade never hold grudge on Vanitas, which he knows that he was his father and accepts him. When he learned that his mother's relation of NESTS as scientist who against human experiment, Elias show no hesitation to destroy NESTS out of this world.

As Janus, he is more like Darkstalker's antagonist, Jedah Dohma. He is cool, collected and confident. He has a degree of arrogance, but as a whole, he is focused and patient. He even taunts Elias to join the darkside and somehow he hates anyone gets in his way. However, he quickly accepts to surrender as he realized that Elias has regained his memory but he'll swore he will never goes back to the dark side anymore due to his past doings. Describe by Hitomi as she heard from her cousin, Kazuma, Janus show no mercy and declaring world domination and taking out Lilly's father's company, that causes some people are afraid and somehow wants to get revenge on him, like Mizuki Faust who wants to avenge his sister's death, and Lilly, comically, wants to get revenge for her father's bankruptcy later she get hit by Hitomi for revenge. Like Elias, Janus also hated his father and his grandfather, calling them "fool" and "the one who wants to die first" and often says Hitomi and Helena are "only family relative", implying that he is alone.
It is rare to see Janus express emotion, except in fits of insanity and anger due to Elias' refusal to joined the dark side because he has those who around him supports him, But even these are subdued by his own calm attitude eventually. Once Elias regained his memories, he became repentant and forgiving for his wrong doings and states that he doesn't want to live as Janus that hurted so many people's lives but as Elias that cherished family and friends and all the life he wants to protect. When he met Mizuki after his defeat by the hands of the furious Satoshi, he told Mizuki that "Janus" is dead.

In Adonis Hunter Satoshi Omake special, he still maintain his clueless and confusion. He's the only one seemingly confusion at the trio's expression. He still maintain his kind-hearted personality and act like a tutor and a big brother with the trio.
In Adonis Hunter Satoshi: boys-love special, he plays a role as Seme (since he is much older,taller, with a stronger chin, shorter hair, smaller eyes, and a more stereotypically masculine, even "macho" demeanour) with Satoshi plays a role as Uke (since he's a bishonen type; softer, androgynous, feminine features with bigger eyes and a smaller build, and is often physically weaker than the seme, although this isn't always the case).In that story, he was having a bad mood causes Satoshi screams in fright. In here he has an annoying cousin, Tetsu and his mother, Helena, still lives. He is the first to save Satoshi from Tetsu for trying to force Satoshi to lick his finger as he slams him.
He also noted that he was in love with him at first time they met.
Elias has another counterpart in Freedom Fighters EX, where he appears as a King of Ethelyon for 1000 years, namingly Yevon. But, despite being a king, he shooks his responsibility, staying in the castle can be bored and dull and he to gallant about through the outside world seeking fun and excitements. Seeing Ash and his friends, he became their ally, stating that he go on an adventure. Elias also shown grudges against Judah and all High Monks for hypocrisy and cheatings. He even hates Judah the most; showing that he knows Judah became insane and murderous.

Despite he is cool and mature, he is shown to be very sensitive, such as if anyone mischievously or unknowingly messing with his nose, which he can easily irritated from it but he never sneeze, only he scoffs it. Elias has a unique gesture of wagged his finger in a "no" manner when he raised his Arm Blade on his opponent or when facing weaker opponent such as Sie Kensou, Athena Asamiya etc. Elias also considered the "Intellect" and strategist in a group.

"My real name is Janus Rubeus...but that name is already scrapped...I am Elias Tsukimoto, son of Helena Tsukimoto!"
— Elias to his father and grandfather and his friends

"Satoshi..I.. I can't believe that you have to go.."
— Elias distraught about Satoshi's supposed death

"The cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing! This kid...Satoshi is gone. That boy will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry or get angry..what about my sister? She wont live without him...he saved me from the darkness...yet you still want to take anything you desire?"
—Elias to Belial about Satoshi's supposed death after he sacrifice himself to stop Belial by attacking the main source of the Fate Alteration

"you're wrong! Satoshi has a same tragic past as we are...He..he was shunned by humans, often look down and introverted by them, making him feel hated humans more.
But, Kurei, Raidou and my sister, Hitomi had changed his life forever, made him realise of what's important. Even Alastair help him realise after he saved a young boy, made him realise that humans are frail creatures and must protect their life and future, even if he still hostile towards them, even look down or introverted. He will never give up hope for them. That is why he was so special to us because he is our key to our hope for the future and we will never loose him and his resolve!"
—Elias to Belial about Satoshi

"She always says that...thinking that she do everything right but always plundering at the end"
— Elias to Shizuko about Lucretia

"If he was here, he would had yell at you. "Get your act together here! If you give up now, who's gonna save the world? And How can you can't get act together if you don't save your family than yourself? " At least..that's what he told me"
— Elias to Shizuko, impersonate Satoshi

"Shizuko, don't cry. It makes me feel horrible when i saw you cry *hugs Shizuko* the last thing I remember that I saw Lucretia's crying face..."I'm so sorry"..a word I never forget. *look at Shizuko* I want you to see your smiling face so that I can be your smile"
— Elias to Shizuko by telling her not to cry

"Don't call me that! I'm not Janus anymore! My mother is the only one that can say my name!!"
—Elias to Hades or Kraven

"Janus Rubeus....is dead long ago. My name is Elias"
—Elias to defeated Mizuki or Kraven

"I promised you this, red hair! Whatever your "claws" does to him, my Photon Cosmic Beam will incinerate you to ashes. We can kill each other in here right now or whatever you do, you will loose a chance of fighting Kyo! If you want to fight Kyo, fight him in the tournament!"
— Elias to Iori by threatens him for killing Kyo

"I'm going on an adventure!!"
— Elias as Yevon when he got accepted his permission from his father to join Ash

"Goodbye father...you're not as cold and vicious as you are...a heart of stone couldn't shed tears like you are...it must have been rough on you because of what Hades has turn you in...but I respect you...you had a will of a human heart..that you saved my mother and Hitomi's mother, Pandora...thank you for sparing Satoshi and Lucretia...I'll promised you that I will find my brother...I know because...you are my father..and I will love you..no matter what...just like what my mother think of you.."
— Elias' reconciliation towards his father after hearing behind Kraven's cold and ruthless demeanor


21 (second arc)
24 (third arc)
25 (Elias: Road to Redemption, Adonis Hunter Satoshi special)
36 (next generation)

Gender: Male
Birthdate: January 3
Horoscope: Capricorn

Occupation: CEO boss,worker, teacher, Adonis Hunter, scientist
Adonis Hunter Classification: Fighter
Weapon: Fist
Element: Earth
Benevolence Adonis Spirit Dealer: Aries

Sign: Beast

Fighting Style:
Karate/ Aikijutsu + Tsukimoto style Juinjutsu

Half Adonis

Hobby: reading, investigating, playing with kids, washing Satoshi when he is in the bathroom, keeping Lucretia's necklace, pictures of Mariko Shinoda

Likes: picture of his mother, Helena and his lover, Lucretia Scarlet and her necklace, playing with Nanase and Emeris, going dates with Shizuko, protecting anyone who was weaker than himself, especially women and children, his childhood friend, Satoshi, whom he willingly to share his room with him and take a bath with him, His relative, Alice and he is very protective of her, his half-sister, Hitomi that he deeply loved so much, Lucy because she looks like her mother, Lucretia, pictures of Mariko Shinoda, Shion being treated equally as human

Dislike: His father, Kraven (formerly), for hurting Satoshi and Hitomi and humiliate Lucretia, his grandfather, Hades, for making anyone around him involved, the Malevolent Adonis Spirits, especially Adonis Greed for trying to hit on Satoshi, Adonis Envy because his hatred for him and all humans, Hitomi in danger, when Satoshi dies, anything that upsets him, when anyone around him dies, especially Lucretia and his mother, Helena, when Shizuko is about to be overcome by the Roc, His real name(formerly), Vanitas's recklessness and lack of response, Shion being treated nothing but dirt, Shion's death, seeing Satoshi crying

Favorite Subjects: Music, home economics

Least Favorite Subjects: nothing

Favorite Animal: Dog

Types of Animal: Great Dane breed

Wants to be: a Good and protective father and husband, Karate Instructor

Fate: Marries Shizuko and bore two children and runs Alice's dojo into his company

Jin Kazama from Tekken
Jedah Dohma from Darkstalkers
Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog
K' Dash from King of Fighters
Wolverine/ Logan from X-Men
Riku from Kingdom Hearts
Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII
Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII
Son Goku/ Kakarot from Dragon Ball
Hiroya Fujimiya/ Ultraman Agul from Ultraman Gaia
Prince Adam/Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Hades- his grandfather, later an arch enemy
Kraven Rubeus- his father, arch enemy, later reconciled
Atlas Rubeus- his half-uncle who taken care of Lucy
Helena Tsukimoto- his mother, killed by Adonis Ogre
Pandora- his stepmother, birth mother of Hitomi
Vanitas Rubeus- his long lost brother and rival
Hitomi Kasugano- his half sister that he closed with and very protective of her
Satoshi Amaterasu- his close friend since childhood, his friendliness with this young hunter that leads anyone thinks Elias is a gay, which he is very protective of him and concerned about him, later became his half brother in law (In Boys' love special, Satoshi is the uke while he is seme)
Kurei Amakusa- childhood friend
Raidou Amamiya- childhood friend
Hanson the Violinist- friend, something made Elias feels annoyed of
Fiona the Flute princess- friend
Allen Yuhi- rival, misunderstood that Hitomi loves Elias but became friends after he realise that he and Hitomi are brother and sister
Ferio Suzuki- his rival, blaming him for the death of his clan and accuse him for his existance, later became friends after his mistakes had done and Hitomi's true heritage and her blood relation with him
Alice Tsukimoto- his relative
Lesser Adonis - blood kin
Adonis Janus- his real name and dark entity
Adonis Chaos- his dark form (as Janus)
Adonis Cosmos- his pure form (as Elias)
Lucretia Scarlet- his first lover, sacrifice herself to save Elias
Lucy Scarlet- Lucretia's daughter whom he bonds with
Adonis Tarquinius- his lover's killer, Elias defeat him for the suffering and humiliation that ruined Lucretia's life and the death of her son and Vincent
Adonis Azazel- his predecessor, Elias defeat him to save Satoshi
Adonis Belial- his arch enemy, responsible for Fate Alteration and world domination
Shizuko "Sissy" Trigger- his second lover, to find her parents and has similar tragic moment like himself and Belial, later married
Dante Trigger- friend and partner, twin brother of Shizuko, later became brother-in-law
Luna Trigger- mother in law
Rion Trigger- father in law
Chan Juri- his client and friend whom he rescue her from Belial, and crush but he is oblivious about her feelings
Satomi, Kyomi and Kasumi- his niece
Emeris- his son
Nanase [email protected] his daughter, with Shizuko
Lilly Vermillion- In the past, he has taken Lilly's father's company that cause him to collapse to bankrupt but after he reshaped his IGN company, he returned the money for reshaping her father's company. In return a favor, he ask her and Alice to be a baby-sitter for Emeris and Nanase while he and Shizuko was away
Mizuki Faust- He wants revenge on Janus for taking the life of his sister. He still after his head and attempts to kidnaps Hitomi but failed as Satoshi saw this happen. He's the one who made Elias crippled after he saw Hitomi's body that caused Satoshi bears a grudge on him for hurting and crippling Elias. But after Elias told him Janus is "dead", he falls into a mental breakdown.
Sanctus Nero/ Diabal Necro- his arch nemesis that tried to persuade Satoshi to destroy humans
Shion- foster daughter
Shade Access- one of the children kidnapped by NESTS he rescued, his agent and nephew
Rowena Antasma- one of the children kidnapped by NESTS he rescued, his right hand agent

When I think about Jin Kazama and K' Dash, I made Elias out of my mind and I create him. From the beginning, I thought of him being reckless and violent but that doesn't suit him at all. So I made him a "lost Memory and Tragic" type. But, when I think about Hitomi, I made the two of them being siblings (different mother who are humans and a same father, a Malevolent Adonis God, Kraven Rubeus) and made him more taller than the heroes. He is the second taller (first was Prince Van til Alexander) hero. His real name Janus (In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions,thence also of gates, doors, passages, endings and time. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. The Romans named the month of January (Ianuarius) in his honor. This how related about his two forms, the rage and pure form, and his ability to see past and future.) . The name Janus just came out from my head when I listen to KPop band BOYFRIEND's Janus.
Whereas the name Elias is a Prophet's name (Illias in Arab) and somehow I felt that suits him. It also a Latin word means "Yahweh is my god" , this possibly about his pure form. My friend
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