Dragon's Breath Picture

"What do you get when a dragon sneezes? *chuckles* Out of the way."
"Think your a dragon slayer? Come here and try!"
- Annaliese Garrison

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Corin Garrison was a brilliant man, creating the famed Infinite Valor and uprising the powerful Infinity Corporation. He was a master at mechanical engineering, creating breathtaking mechs unlike any others. Blessed with three daughters, he went about creating personal mechs for each of them, taking the time to specially devote each of these mechanical constructs exclusively to his girls. The mech known as The Drake was given to his middle daughter, Annaliese.

As Rising Rain was made to reflect Katarina's persona, The Drake was designed with Annaliese's passions in mind. Annaliese was unlike the other girls of her age; she took an instant fascination to the history of war and the technology of weapons instead of the jewelry and cloths of most other girls her age. Amazed by her father's works in the past, she joined the Global United Military (GUM) that came together after WWIV ended. She trained vigorously with the other soldiers, never taking her duties lightly. She exceled in combat training, quickly learning how to use various guns and able to endure even the toughest survival factors such as environment and high-stress scenarios. Annaliese quickly rose to be top of her class. Her first deployment was in the remains of the Gobi Desert, where a neo-terrorist group were rumored to be starting a revolution against the United Nations of Earth (UNE). The rumors were true, and this neo-terrorist organization had gathered a large following. They mercilessly hunted and attacked the GUM forces there, and many soldiers fell to the sands of the desert. Annaliese's squadron was exceptional, however. Leading her team through dunes, hostile wildlife, and terrorist assaults; she found their fortress and killed the guards to reach their leader. Held at gun point from Annaliese herself, the terrorist group surrendered and was taken into custody.

When Annaliese returned, the high command was impressed by her accomplishments. Her subordinates said their leader was one of the finest a soldier could ask for. She took bullets for her men, raised their morale when hope seemed lost, and made sure each of them would come out alive and well. Indeed, her squadron lost the fewest troops. Out of the eighteen people (incluiding her) that composed her team, only one fell dead and three were wounded. On this subject, Annaliese shows regret about this, saying it's cruel how the ones you could save don't make as much of an impact as the ones you couldn't.

When news of this endeavor hit the public, many celebrated the esteemed soldier. Her stories made it to the populance, including how she got her men out of a certain death trap without any losses and how she single-handedly defeated a pack of fearsome Mongolian Death Worms from taking away a wounded soldier. Corin, impressed by her successes, went to make her personal mech, to distinguish her from the other mech soldiers with dedication only a father could have.

He worked on a unique design that would be fitting for his daughter's fierce reputation. Looking back to her favorite stories as a child, Corin designed the mech after her favorite mythological beast: the dragon. A proud creature as beautiful as it was deadly, Corin designed the mech to ressemble the majestic beast; a visual embodiment of his daughter's relentless and determined nature.

After coming back from being stationed near the island of Madgascar for nine months, Corin unveiled The Drake to Annaliese as a welcome-back gift. The young woman was speechless at what her father had done, and she immediatly tested out the new mech in combat simulations. She adored it, loving the ease she could wield it with and how it was made solely for her. Her already garnished reputation grew with The Drake, and many others both envied and adored the warrior girl riding inside a beast of metal and mind. The Drake was an unstoppable fighter, and some soldiers said it would be the next Infinite Valor. However, on one mission into the Artic Circle, The Drake was shot down and badly damaged from a powerful weapons platform.

Rogues from both the Infinity Corporation and an organization known as NOVA had stolen schematics from some of the most fearsome mechs and made a living fortress weaponized to the very gates in the Artic Circle. Their foretess was impentrable, even fortified mechs like the one known as Bad News! were forced to retreat from this imposing base. It was unknown what was brewing in there, as no one was able to break through the fortified defenses without losing their life. Annaliese, a little bit enraged at how easily they defeated her and The Drake, met with Wildfire, the pilot of Bad News!. She told him that although The Drake was a formidable mecha, it could do little against extremely well-armored adversaries. Wildfire himself was angered by the fact that although his mech was able to withstand a good amount of punishment from the fortress, it lacked the ability to actually get in and disable the base. An idea was sowed between them; if they could somehow combine The Drake's ability to infiltrate the base with the raw power of Bad News! to survive it, it may be able to take down this fortress. Thus, Wildfire approached Annaliese's father with a proposal.

The idea was a young but revolutionary thought; a mech that could done an even bigger mech suit in order to become an even more powerful weapon. The Infinity Corporation worked around the clock designing such a thing, and within three months, a gargantuan behemoth was unleashed. A weapons walker, this construct would be able to sync with a mech suit the same as a Human could pilot a mecha. Using designs from Bad News! as a inspiration, the titanic weapons walker was a platform of armaments; some shown to the world, others hidden behind panals of thick armoring. The Drake, repaired and ready for battle again, was designated to be the one to hook up with this weapons walker. As soon as Annaliese was wired into the weapons walker, she felt the raw power it had surge into her. She grinned as she was dropped off and deployed against the fortress. Its weapons payload fired upon her, but miraculously, the weapons walker continued its march towards the base unhindered. Unleashing its own volley of firepower, it devstated the outer defenses of the fortress and exposed the way in. There, The Drake detached, swiftly downing any opposition within.

The fortress was besieged, and Annaliese instantly fell in love with the weapons walker. Seeing its success, the weapons walker was given to Annaliese, and she lovingly called in Dragon's Breath. Dragon's Breath would continue its long line of success, easily destroying what foolish opposition dared to try to get in its way. Many hailed this mechanical marvel; Annaliese and The Drake had ascended to new levels of respect and admiration.

Dragon's Breath was an unstoppable force at the levels of Humans. However, against the Zintrax this was an entirely different story. Dragon's Breath did battle with the Zintrax legions, mercilessly firing upon the alien invaders as they descended from the skies. For all its power though, not a single Zintrax fell to its hailfire, and Annaliese watched as before her her fellow soldiers were slaughtered by the superior alien race. Though her stand was noble, she was forced to retreat when the Zintrax's already overpowering might swelled to unthinkable numbers.

Seeing the futility in their efforts after a large mech force led by Dagron Irys was crushed, Dragon's Breath joined the survivors in hiding deep beneath the surface in fortified bunkers. Just as extinction seemed inevitable though, mysteriously the Zintrax vanished, leaving the remainder of Human society to rebuild from the ruins of Earth. Today, The Drake and Dragon's Breath still belongs to Annaliese, who has become the leader of the remaining military in the post-apocalyptic society. It was put on hold when the pilot was designated a new mech, Payload; a mech that would prove to hold too much strength than his creators bargained for.

The Drake:
The Drake is a light-weight mecha designed for both specialist missions and battle on the frontlines. Its dragonic apperance not only suggests power but also inspires dread in the enemy. It was a flexible mecha that could be armed with various weapons and fulfill multiple roles.

- RX-89 Assault Rifle a.k.a "Dragon's Teeth": A powerful rapid fire assault rifle, this gun fired serrated armor-piercing rounds at incredible speeds. It used an early version of a self ammunition replinshment kit inside. Although it did have an unlimited source of munitions, extended use would put a strain on it, and it would need time to recharge the source. Annaliese liked to name her weapons, calling the assault rifle "Dragon's Teeth" due to the design of the bullets it fired. The Drake could still wield this when mounted within Dragon's Breath.

- Bladed Wings: The Drake used thrustors and bladed wings for flight. These wings were made of a sharpened alloy that, when propelled at high speeds, could easily shred through concrete.

- Tail: As well as giving it a unique and dragonic visual effect, the tail could be used as a bludgeoning weapon or a parrying tool in close quarters combat.

- Predator Sensory Array: A high-tech sensor array that increased both the mech and pilot's awareness of their surroundings. It was powerful enough to detect stealthed or hidden opponents, meaning it was nearly impossible to get the surprise on The Drake.

Dragon's Breath:
The weapons walker known as Dragon's Breath was a monstrous construct of metal. It's titanic visage alone was enough to send most enemies packing, but it also possessed a large set of weapons that made it a mobile armory. Like The Drake, Dragon's Breath is a unique model that was capable of brining incalulable devstation in an area.

- T-3000 Flamethrower a.k.a "Dragon's Flame": A massive flame thrower mounted on the right side, this weapon fired a stream of napalm through a torch that was able to create a stream of fire before it. This fire could melt and scorch nearly any substance on earth, and it was a terrifying weapon to see in action.

- F-100 Incendiary Gatling Gun a.k.a "Dragon Scales": A large gatling gun that was hung from its left, this rapid fire weapon fired incediary rounds. Whenever Dragon's Breath fired this weapon, multiple explosions seemed to rain across the battlefield. It possessed the self-replinishing ammunition kit found in The Drake's "Dragon's Teeth".

- GR-1500 Mortar Cannon a.k.a "Dragon's Reach": A gargantuan mortar cannon mounted on its left, this long-range bombardment cannon fired explsive rounds to devastate entire areas. This area-denial weapon packed enough of a punch to destroy entire buildings...and the surrounding city block.

- Z-12x Plasma Missile System a.k.a "Dragon's Rain": An advanced weapons system mounted on its right, this pod could fire dozens of individual plasma seeker missiles. Though the missile speed was slower than most, they almost always hit their targets. This was Dragon's Breath main weapon against airborne foes, though it was equally effective against opponents on the ground.

- Focused Plasma Beam Lens a.k.a "Dragon's Eye": A lens located in the center over The Drake, this powerful system fired a concentrated beam of plasma that could cut through anything before it. When the weapon was done firing, nothing stood anymore, leaving Dragon's Breath to stomp on unopposed. This weapon was extremely strong and required a high amount of energy to use. For a few minutes, it would leave the other weapon systems shut down, and so "Dragon's Eye" was used only as a last resort or when the pilot was sure nothing else would be left standing after its use.

- Various Hidden Weapons: Dragon's Breath could unfold multiple panals to reveal even more weaponry. These included cluster missiles, coil cannons, flammable gas bombs, and turrets.

- Armoring: Dragon's Breath was encased all around by armoring similar to that found covering a nucclear bunker. Needless to say, it was nearly impossible to break through this incredibly strong armature.
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