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Valhalla Volume 9: Den Store Udfordring/The Big Challenge
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This page's trivia: (its huge!)
The word I've translated here as 'Single Combat' was originally 'Holmgang'. It's the old norse term for this particular kind of duel between men. The translation I got for it was 'island walk' or 'island time'. Can't you just hear an enraged norseman shout "Oh that's it.. IT'S ISLAND TIME!"? XD
But anyway that's why the original sentence was 'they fight on an island, therefore that's why we call duels holmgang'. That doesn't work in english cos we don't have an amazing island-related word for beating each other up so I rephrased it a little.
And regarding the legendary figures namedropped in that little bit at the bottom:
* Uffe the Wise: Was wise, yet had a bad PR department apparantly. I'd never heard of him prior to this in my norse mythology textbooks and all I can get via google is a short page on the Danish wikipedia with a picture of a statue covered in bird poo. Poor guy
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