Natsume Suzaki civilian App Picture

because he is an OC with a complicated creation here is his unnoffical app with all of his other info in depth:…

NAME: Natsume Suzaki
AGE: 18
Height: 5'11
Weight: 179
SPECIES: secretly a half blood vampire from the race: anima comedenti ( soul eaters for short) </span>
ORIENTATION: straight but has his exception
JOB: he does part time jobs here and there for some extra cash; that is when he is not on hit man duty

very serious about what he belives in, antisocial and doesnt really like being around people... if one could manage a conversation with this awkward little shadow crawler youll learn many things. hes also a secret nerd.

sweet foods
spicy foods
lazy days off
warm summer days

being left out/ignored from important events
working for lydia
having to "feed"
cold winter days ( unless theres snow)
bitter foods

History/ how they learned of the circus:

Natsume is homeschooled, and doesnt go out in public very offten, unless he has to. he is very intelligent and loves drawing. The one time he is convinced to go out on a blind date from his brother Hiro, with a girl named Lydia, and it turns out she is next in throne for what the world should belive was a mythic Vampire, but nothing like what mythology belives of them. When he didnt entertain her the way she wanted she took it upon herself to make him "fun" and bit him, creating a curse on him, Locking his new "ghoul" side off with a seal necklace he was then forced into being her, "servant" and must follow her around. IF he does not follow her orders she has threatened to reveal him as a half blood and his family being human, many would make quick work of ridding the flawed exsistance in thier perfict world.

Only a few months after being turned Nat ended up wandering a forest only a town away from his and stumbled into the circus. There he made freinds and enemies and with lots of chaos, blood, lust, and heart break the boy couldnt just seem to pull himself away from the freak show and remains a visitor every now and then while keeping the secrets from his "normal" life and vowing to protect everything he cared about.

shadow minipulation: able to manipulate shadows to thier wim, wiether capturing pray, hidding, or sending out a 'messenger' ( shadow glob in a human like shape typically 7 feet tall with no features/ emotions/ thoughts)

Memory control: mainly erasing memories, they cant actually control the persons mind. the process is also through skin contact, so they must be holding the person in order for anything to happen the farther back the memory is the closer one has to be. only other thing is a weak hypnotic spell, which is easily mistaken as seduction lD

elemental: each vamp has as unique control over one element as they do for their cuse mark. these are very simple basics; minipulation, control, and sometimes craftsmenship tricks.
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