TalesofDevotia app: ray Picture

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Name: ray (vanguard)
Age: 24
Gender: male
Level: npc
Height: 6’0
Race: human/Krilaty
Class: mage/ninja
Elements: water. Earth, lighting, dark
Weapon: throwing blade, and dagger

Grand Coliseum outfit: benwolf0.deviantart.com/art/ta…

Lightning: Create a small bolt of lightning to strike the target

Stone Wall: Drops a wall of rocks on the enemy or creates them from the ground.

Aqua Spike: Fire water at high pressure

Spread Zero: Collect the darkness surrounding the enemies and send this force back to destroy them

Force Field: Support ability that is used to create a barrier that protects allies from damage temporarily

Seraphic Bolt: Rains lightning bolts upon a small area

Drain Magic: Draining TP from the target to recover the spell caster’s own TP

Rock Lance: Causes a pillar of stone to rise from the earth to pierce foes

Stone Blast: Call forth small rocks from beneath an enemy

Trinity Bit: Summons three spinning orbs around the user that protects them

Master Artes:

Thunder Blade: "This spell typically summons a large sword of lightning in the sky,
which pierces into the ground to create an electric shock that affects a
circular area around the impact point."

Aqua Lazer: "The spell shoots a large water spiral forward and damages any enemies in
Its path.

Dark Mist: After the spell is cast, clouds resembling a mist appear and lower the accuracy of all enemies on screen.

Leonazium: When the arte is used, the user summons a magic circle in front of them with their left hand and then thrusts their staff through it. The attack releases a lion head-shaped blast very similar to the Beast arte, except Leonazium's blast is much larger, and red colored, as opposed to Beast's usual blue coloring.

Tractor beam: Tractor Beam lifts the enemy into the air before dropping them down.

Arcane arte:

Marvelous Fountain: A massive geyser erupts from the ground, affecting a large portion of the battle field and knocking down all enemies. The water from the geyser then falls back down to the ground in the form of a misty shower while a glyph appears on the field, restoring a large amount of HP and TP to all party members.

Meteor Storm Radiant Mythology Ver.: A non-elemental attack spell that causes meteors to strike enemies

Crow Blade: When the arte is used, the user disappears in smoke before reappearing above the enemy, using the blade or dagger to give damage.

Dagger: When used, the character sends a dagger flying across the screen in a horizontal line, striking the first thing in its path with an explosion.

Silent Reaper: the User quickly rushes forward to attack the enemy, by performing a quick strike that deals Dark elemental damage

Brutal Earth: The character thrusts his dagger into the ground to force a rock formation to shoot upwards from the surface

Merciless Thunder: the user throws a dagger or another bladed weapon at the enemy and, upon contact, makes a lighting bolt strike.

Mirror Image: The user creates a clone of herself who repeats his/her actions afterward, doubling the damage done. However, during the time the clone is present, The user cannot perform any artes, only hitting normal hits.

Master Artes:
Hurricane Thrust: A projectile attack created by air pressure from a sword thrust

Hell Rush: the user slashes multiple times, moving forward with each hit.

Shadow edge: the user thrust the enemy with a incredible speed

Divine Dragon: User delivers a paralyzing punch, then follows up with an uppercut into the air.

Purgatory Seal: Resurrect a fallen party member without HP (only during battle) if the character is not healed as soon as possible through spells or items, any enemy attack will force the character to be knocked out and incapacitated once again.

Story: Ray was born around Cahm-Wynn to a Krilaty woman. The dad was well a human pirate. His mom if him to his own not what the kid, so she left him and ran. He was all way like an outcast most his life. That was tell an old man take him in. he show him the way of the mage. Around his 20 birth day he was living on his own. That tell he saw a woman her name rose. She ran a tea shop in town but was gone something to other towns. The people that help run her place told him she was saving up for her family dream. having stay with his lovey rose ray now work and a Coliseum fight, under the name black crow. he now all starting to look into into the book he find, and what it mean to him and his family.

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