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Yeah yeah, again, I know. But now hes becoming more of the old soldier he first was, not this fantasy hero crap.

EDIT: Changed the origins and nature of his magic power; He now controls only wind, but to greater effect.

And as for a bio, I may just submit it all as its own deviation, if I find enough to use.

Name: Hector Deimos
Age: 29 (20 years since restoration)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Alignment: Good
Alliance: Demon Slayers (Lieutenant et al)
Personality: Stoic, Just, Clever, Resourceful, Vindictive, Vengeful, Fearless, Strong Willed.
Hobbies: Collecting Weaponry, Using said new guns, Sparring, Creating guns and inventions, tinkering with existing weapons and technology, History, Training others

Family: Felicia Deimos, Hanna Deimos
Friends: Brian and Gloria Ramirez, Grath Alfonso, Patrick Owin, Pamela Soulheart, Maria Rosario
Rivals: Ardor Varkoz, AX
Enemies: All three evil factions

Combat Information

Special abilities
- Deadeye: His aim with any gun increases exponentially, even for a gun he's never fired before. He can also activate a reaction stimulant to increase his overall speeds, including his reaction time, attacking speeds, movement speeds, and firerates. This is noted by the red crosshairs that appear in his eyes
- Air Barrier: As long as he has power, all damage is greatly reduced, up to 50 percent damage negation at full power. This is noted by the presence of a cycling wind at his feet, the intensity determining just how strong his barrier is and how much power he currently has by association.
- Improvision: Can perform special attacks and maneuvers with any partner he works with

Magic Control
- Wind: Flight, Flash Jump, Concussion Decoy, Gale Shot, Air Lock, Pressure Blast, Tornado Wall, Cyclone Cannon, Air Drive
-- Air Drive: Hurricane, Phantus, Gale Blade
- Flux: Phase, Power Arc, Phasing Decoy, Negative Bullet, Ion Storm, Void Bomb, Shredding Winds, Null Beam, Flux Overcharge
-- Flux Overcharge: Anti-Charge, Flux Storm, Full Conduit Blast

Standard Weapons
Primary - Modified OnmiTAR-21: Enhanced MARS sight, Cyclonic Tri-Barrel capable of drilling, capable of 1200 rounds per minute when fully spun, or 750 RPM when fired standard, equipped with three underbarrel attachments (only one can be engaged at a time) and an attachable long bayonet. He tends to use it like a short sword due to the blade being shaped as a large knife rather than a standard bayonet
Secondary - Modified Keltec KSG: Adjustable tube magazine capable of loading and firing multiple gauges, even custom Flak shells. Retooled barrel to allow for a more powerful shot
Sidearm - Bren Ten: A rare handgun, chambered in 10mm, Combining most of the power of a Magnum with the compact usability of a Handgun. This gun has been HEAVILY modified over the years, and bullets fired from this rare monster put large holes in his enemies. The kick on this would break your wrist without recoil dampeners.
Melee - All Purpose Blade: Onyx finish reduces sheen, Moissanite laced in the blade edge makes the blade impossible to break with most any materials. Used to be wielded in a pair until Hector recieved his new Primary gun
Explosives - Various, typically atleast one Incindeary grenade, one Smoke Grenade, two 9-Bangers, two Fragmentation Mines and 4 Semtex charges

Typical Battle Patterns:
- Gunplay: Alternating between his TAR at range and KSG up close, he often heckles his opponents, utilizing elemental control to either create or remove distance, always keeping his opponents guessing what he will do. In the event he gets caught off guard, He will draw his handgun to dispatch a surprise foe or forcefully melee them out of striking range before opening fire on the new target. Sometimes expends a grenade depending on the situation, given he usually doesnt carry many, he tries to use them as little as possible.
- Swordplay: Despite the weight of his blade, he swings it fast, so underestimating his attacking and movement speeds are often met with demise. Often utilizing elemental control to close the distance on foes, he is relentless with his assault using his blade, focusing on Heavy offense and deft dodges in favor of blocking. When used in combination with the TAR Blade, his stance changes drastically, The sword taking a defensive, countering position while his bayonet becomes the main weapon to strike with.
- Magic Use: As a mage, he often stays back, utilizing Flash Jumps to keep away from melee based foes and to dodge ranged fire. Wind can be used defensively to create an air column that stops projectiles. Flux [Anti-Magic] is generated with Magic use, which allows him to use Flux Powers. These ability variants are highly offensive, and do great damage to magic-based enemies in particular, being highly disruptive to mana streams. Preferably, he will avoid weaponless combat in favor of preserving his barrier strength due to his limited energy, and the effect Flux has on his own body.
- Air Drive: Assuming hes reached a critical anger point, he can unleash Potential Energy (Gained through both Zeal and Pain [Dealing Damage or getting hurt]) to unleash a Drive Form. Hurricane involves massive Air Damage attacks, including heavily modified spells and devastating aerial melee combos. Stay on the ground as much as possible to avoid certain death by his massively upgraded air control. Phantus allows his flash step to make him fully vanish and carry him farther, and Flight renders him intangible. He utilizes this speed to get into his opponents blindspots and move in for quick kills, while utilizing his intangibility to get away from overly aggressive opponents. Alertness is key for surviving Phantus. Finally, the Gale Blade is a powerful weapon he can create with his Potential Energy, able to unleash a flurry of quick slashes due to its near weightlessness, and can also create Aerial Blades to attack at a distance. Countering the Gale Blade up close is the only real defense against this assault.
- Flux Overdrive: If he uses his Air Magic constantly, he generates a lot of Flux, eventually activating an Overdrive ability with them. Anti-Charge releases the Flux Energy as a massive Aura, Severely hampering all magic use and harming those who use it, including himself. Simply put: Dont use Magic when this aura is active. Flux Storm releases all the energy at once in a powerful shockwave, doing more damage by also burning the mana someone posesses like internal fire; This is nearly guaranteed devastation against Magic users, and considerably less so for those without mana streams. Full Body Conduit is a suicide attack, which causes him to surge the energy in his body like a living bomb, before expending it all forcibly with one giant blast, doing extreme damage to everyone, and often ends with Hector incapacitated as a result.

+ Able to fight on any terms: Hand to hand, Melee weapons, guns, explosives, even magic is in his arsenal.
+ Excellent tactician capable of dealing with most any foe, alone or with other soldiers.
> + With a powerful ally, he can easily play to their strengths, further increasing his lethality on the battlefield.
+ Almost perfect accuracy with ranged weapons augmented by innate synthetic enhancements and mechanical upgrades
+ Unused energy acts as a shield to mitigate damage directed at him, giving him a Mitigation Tank role
+ Used energy becomes Flux, or Anti-Magic, which is HIGHLY powerful against those who use magic themselves.
+ Can absorb elemental energy from the air, given time to channel, to heal his wounds even faster
+ Capable of absorbing wind-based magic directed at him
+ Highly pain resistant; Crippling has reduced effect on him

- Magic Power is finite, and requires manual charge; cannot regain power during a fight unless they use his element.
- Flux Power causes him harm the more he uses it, with a little bit of health burn on each use
- Magic-based attacks can hurt him more than physical ones, dealing damage his barrier isnt designed to reduce
- Previous losses discourage him from getting assistance in random battles, and does not call for help; fought alone unless others are around at the time (a planned battle is the exception, where time to prepare and organize is presented)
- Hostages. He dare not risk certain lives unless he had a safe way to retrieve them. Beware that doing so can end up badly if you lose the hostages.
- Easily numbed; Debilitation has a higher chance to work on him


A normal child of rather bloodied descent, many of his predecessors were war fighters, including his father, who was at the time discharged on a Purple Heart. His mother's side was also deep into the mystical arts, and sparked his interest in mythology and magic. Once he was 7 years old though, he and his family were shot on the streets, Only he and his infant sister Hanna survived the ordeal. Once he dropped off his sister at a foster home, He had to leave for whatever place he could seek shelter at, She wouldnt remember or even realized what happened to her parents, and he would rather have seen her ignorant and happy than feel his pains.

At about 8 years old, He was abducted by scientists in a group now known as the "Lambda Project." From here, he learned that he was to take part in an involuntary initiative for a Perfect Soldier (standard villain fare) to be sold to the military to effectively replace all active duty marines. After a few months of experimentation, the original Hector Deimos succumbed to the atrocities committed on his body. The project didnt stop with him though, once his DNA was preserved and replicated, Clones were created and altered en masse, Unfortunately, several were defected, some were cowards, some had health complications, still others were unstable and angry, in total, 92 of the clones were put down, Subject #088 was the closest manifestation to their criteria, exhibiting exceptional marksmanship, durability, tactical prowess and strength, but suffered one small defect: The fully preserved memory of the original Hector Deimos and the rigors he suffered. A defect that was unknown to them until he staged a one-man mutiny and ran for the hills after killing the scientists responsible for his pains.

Throughout his travels, he had only a Bren Ten handgun and his wits. Once he reached maturity, he found his ancestral blade, his sister out on the road, and his new home in the metropolis known as Medidia, wherein he set up shop working as a Freelance Mercenary, taking contracts for many such jobs, including escorting, assassinations, and even outright raids and retrieval. Among the missions he was assigned a partner, Pamela Soulheart, and since then, the two are of an almost undying friendship, to the point he entrusts his life to her entirely.

Once he reached Age 22, he began to notice a trend of magic use in his world, and since he wasnt naturally created like his predecessor, he had no natural means to access this untapped potential. One day after months of arduous research, he initiated a risky Blood Right to gain access to magic himself. By implanting a Vis Crystal into his body at bone level in his shoulder, and drawing out routing lines for the energy with a knife, losing much blood in the process, the magic in his body was released and free for him to use without an instrument to cast from. The blood's dripping shaped into an Air rune upon his hand, indicating that he specifically had control over air. He attempted to repeat the same with his other hand, but by the time he managed to dig out another Vis crystal, he had already fallen unconscious from blood loss, losing enough blood to be lethal to most infact, but thanks to his sister and his own hardiness, he survived the Blood Right and gained this control of wind for his own use.

At age 27, he noticed an anomaly with the use of Air Magic...Due to the unnatural means of accessing his strength, he had ended up generating Magic Flux when he used his abilities, worsening with more excessive use...After nearly suffering a blackout from the intense strain of one battle, it came to a head when he created a shockwave of Flux all around him, terminating most of his foes, and even severely damaging people around him. With help, he began to learn about how to control this volatile substance known as Flux, and its effects have since been studied extensively...hes even used a desperate measure to overpower nearly a whole army on his own, though this nearly killed him. He tries to limit his magic use because of this.

/Story Branches here, depending on which Universe he is in

Main: It was here after several years that he met a stranger, One Brian Ramirez, who offered Hector his assistance for one condition: That he stop working freelance, and took up a proper commission with Brian. From then on, the two of them and his partner Pamela all fought missions for what was invariably the greater good. After a few years of this, upon the many people he saved in this line of work, He met a sealed sorceress, one Felicia Rosello, whom he nearly instantly fell for. With time the two shared in combat and eventually in matrimony, swearing their lives to one another. Then begins the events of PROJECT: F.I.V.E.

Royalite: Upon entry of a mysterious portal, Hector immediately sought work to set himself up in this alien world, Business boomed for a while, before he realized just what kinds of things he was fighting both for and with, These factions of evil were too powerful for him alone, and he wanted to quit before things got too hot for even him to handle alone. It was then, by a twist of fate, that one Brian Ramirez was seeking protection, a simple job at first glance, taken in a heartbeat. Boy was he in for some difficulties.

After a couple of years of contracted work fighting these factions alongside the Demon Slayers led by Brian, Hector was extended a full commission, which, after some talking to other fugitive-past Demon Slayers, he accepted and began work for a much greater faction, which he immediately began to climb the ranks of. One of the missions he undertook involved the liberation of an ancient monolith, which one of the factions intended to use as a weapon, actually had a young acolyte sealed within it. Felicia Rosello was her name, and Hector felt a strong connection to her the moment she was released. After a strong two years of service, Hector was one of the primary leaders of the Demon Slayers, the only one not part of the Ramirez family at that, and was married to Felicia. To this day he works tirelessly to ensure the safety and future of his new family, the Demon Slayers, and his actual family.

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