DSD Day 4 -Kobolds- Picture


Don't Stop Drawing Day 4: Bunni throws off the shackles of fandom (You may remember this design as a fakemon from ages back, its now officially a bunni original monster~)
Might come back and colour this later cos I was planning on designing a bunch of different patterns and subspecies for them.
KOBOLD GIRL! KOBOLD BOY! MR. BOJANGLES! (the squeaky pet toy that's currently trending in magical lands!!)

Kobolds! A strange species of magically-gifted strange fluffy animals that are deemed "almost sentient" and commonly raised by spiritkind. They form large social communities, run mining operations and build grand underground structures similar to ants, but aren't advanced enough to be considered a "culture" and are mostly just kept as useful pets/servants who can't really communicate with people but kinda get the gist. Sorta like how a budgie can learn to speak words but not how to hold a conversation, and a gorilla can mourn its dead but not worry about rising taxes or whatever sillyness the humans are getting all worked up about.
They're very useful as pets since they can pick up various tricks easily, love mimicking thier owner's daily routine and naturally like to clean things- they even have super static fur that works great as a brush! Thus they're also known as "house elves" or "brownies" by non-magical humans who figured they were some sort of household god. (After having built a home on top of a kobold nest and then for some reason some invisible thing started doing chores for them and taking food from the pantry as payment..)
Edelweiss Academy has a large kobold "village" and students can take part in looking after them as part of Monster Studies class. This includes conducting little marriages and other quaint theys-almost-people type things! (Well, something similar to marriage XD They certainly insist on making thier owners join in with a little ceremony before they move into the same cave XD)

They have rather silly sexual dimorphism cos normally you see almost all fictional creatures following the "MAN ARE BIGGER AND STRONGERER" rule when it ain't nearly that omnipresent in real life. So I went a bit nuts with doing the opposite XD
For a long time people used to think that the males were just some sort of parasitic louse since they barely look like the same species
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