Derdriu of the sorrows Picture

when Derdriu was born Cathbad the druid predicted that her beauty would bring destruction to the kingdom of Ulster and many warriors called for her death. Conchovor the king refused and claimed her for his own saying he would marry her when she came of age. he sent her away to be raised away from men.
When she was about 14 she sat talking with a woman about men and the king as she watched her foster father slaughter a calf, a Raven had flown down to drink the blood in the snow. She said to the woman 'I would wish my man to have hair as black as the Raven, skin as white as the snow with cheeks as red as blood. The old woman told her there was such a man his name was Naise and he was a warrior of Conchovor. Derdriu fled her foster parents and went to find Naise. they fell in love instantly and fled with his 2 brothers. in the end Conchovor murdered the 3 brothers and Derdriu threw herself to her death. many of Conchovors warriors then defected to his enemies in conaught and even those who stayed never really trusted him again. It was the beginning of the end for Ulster
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