Feronia Goddess of Wildlife and Abundance Picture

This is for LadyAnaconda
The Goddess of Roman Mythology,
Feronia non-Conan love interest for Alastor ( Marigold's little brother and second born child of Xibalba & La Muerte)
For her fanfic "What could have been" you must go read it!!!😃😃😊and many more of her story's www.fanfiction.net/s/10972379/… here

Appearance: Cream colored skin with flaming hair color, (Garnet, red to shades of orange) with green floral marking on her legs reaching up her thighs, also one that is red on her right shoulder, her frame is very curvy and well- fit, she wears a Roman Amethyst dress( with her flower sign) styled as a halter top that stops past her knee’s resembling a combat skirt( the waist down becomes a translucent Prune color) with it she wears an armor belt with “Summoning gems” and on her left arm she wears a piece of arm armor all the way down her hand on the shoulder plate has her Insignia, she has rather unique eyes it’s all shades of blue, the sclera is Icy blue, iris is Tropical blue, the pupil a Steel Blue. She wore sandals at a young age but stopped when she grew older.

She often seen wearing a head-chain adorned with one or two jewels, made of gold

Personality: At the tender age of 2 she saw the cruelty of man, but it did not phase her, for she saw only pain in their hearts, being raised by no one but the “Hidden Pride” in the temples Feronia did her best to help any unfortunate soul in chains, and when she did many humans staged an uproar for she relished in it, once she saw her threshold she became Goddess of Wildlife( being wild always connect with freedom) Feronia can be quit feral when provoked, but she is not without manners, despite being raised by lions she can be polite and charming, she can tell who is a good human/god and who is not by Mana and cent she can get around very well in her surrounding familiar or new and takes it with open-arms, extremely friendly toward animals and gods she has come to be “Friends” with compassion for everything that deserves freedom to an extent( she knows who deserves it and who doesn’t) while she can be “Wiley” she can also be explosive when pushed too far and She.Does.Not.Hesitate. To. Strike Back, when around Alastor she is very calm and happy when interact as children bring him gift such as flower crowns and skulls she dug up, Alastor would often humor her on how unladylike she is when she climbs trees or plays in the mud but she always ends up pulling him in it, and as they grow their friendship became “More”

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