Zora the Valkyrie - Traditional Picture

A race I've -partly- come up with. Like, not the base of it! As it's taken from in real life! Buuuut I took it from mythology and remade it into a pony-version~ xD Will fill in more info later! And also upload a ref for Valkyries o.o


Name: Zora

Age: 16

Race: Valkyrie

Rank: Apprentice Runemaster

Personality: Zora is a very cheerful individual, always seeming full of energy and always seeming to be up to something. Due to being a bit forward too, Zora has never had any problems in making friends. Although, she hasn't got the chance to make friends that often, leaving her pretty much on her own, except her bodyguard Laze, who always stays by her side.

Being pretty hyperactive, can both be a good and a bad thing. Especially as in Zora's case, she ends up full of energy, wanting to explore, eing adventurous... And therefor also being reckless and not always thinking of the consequences. Which her parents are mildly amused with.

Father: ???
Mother: Angaria (Master Sorcerer)

Zora's mane and tail are both dyed. At times she can be a bit rebellious, where this is a sign of it. Her natural mane and tail color is brown.

History: Zora grew up in safety in a big city of Valkyries, hovering high above the clouds. From when she was very little, the Runemaster of the city, chose her to become the apprentice, and therefor, the next Runemaster. So as a difference from other fillys of her age, she wasn't allowed to play and have fun like a normal filly, but as soon as she learnt to walk, talk, read and write, her training as a Runemaster begun.

Due to being the cheery pony she is, full of energy, she has always had problem sitting still. And it has always ended with her causing the oters trouble in one way or another, sneaking away from her lessons and out from the palace, just to play with the other colts and fillys. However, her teacher was a patient man and decided then to put her in the same school as the other colts an fillys, for her to decide whom to become her bodyguard for life.

As a Runemaster, they have the power to look into other ponies, to see where they belong and therefor being able to help every pony find their place in society. But this is a power which has to be trained, hence why she was to chose her bodyguard herself. Chosen various colts and fillys, but no one of them being the right one, she was getting frustrated with it all. But her teacher's patience didn't fail in keeping both his own hopes up, and raising her hopes.

She then met a young colt, however, around a year older than her. He was always alone, a grumpy little thing. And he despised her. But she saw something in him, that the others didn't have. And when she finally returned to the palace with her teacher, they had the young colt with them too.

In the beginning, the colt refused to accept himself as her bodyguard, always glaring at her and overall being unfriendly. But he always got throw off track, when she didn't back away, but always gave him the same happy smile. The struggle decreased, and he ended up silent, accepting of him as her bodyguard. And then as years passed, Zora and Laze grew closer, to become best friends, at the side of that he's her bodyguard.
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