Endi ref sheet Picture

Name: Endellion Ashbury, nickname is Endi

Age: 87, looks to be around her twenties.

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet even.

Species/Lore: Known as an Estrie(from strix, a term for night owl), she is a creature from Hebrew mythology that feeds on human blood in the form of a beautiful woman, much like a Succubi. Unlike Succubi, however, Estries are not picky about their prey, and did not rape their victims. They are said to have been created at sunset, before the first Sabbath before creation, and thus could shift form.

Powers: If her hair is unbound, Endi can shift into animal forms and 'fly'(take on her true form, in other words), though she mainly chooses a raven and a grey cat for stealth and convenience reasons. If her hair is bound, she is limited to her 'human' form. She learned some martial arts and street fighting, due to her circumstances, and can temporarily use her muscles to their fullest extent, letting her accomplish great feats of strength(like a mother lifting a car off of a child, but on command; since she's dead, I don't know what chemicals or whatever would still be in effect, because technically chemicals create emotions, but her blood doesn't flow. In other words, she'll control her muscles because any limiters are off and she doesn't have adrenaline) along with her already flexible self. However, she will only do this for serious battles, as doing this for too long will quickly tear muscles and damage her insides.
She also looks very attractive, though not as severely so as her sparkling counterparts. She would be more so if she drank blood. (but still not a glittery mess)

Weaknesses: If her hair is bound, she cannot transform. Although not affected by holy places or religious iconography, she is only able to heal herself if she drinks blood or eats salt and bread. (For the sake of not begging all the various attackers, I'm not going to make her need to get the bread and salt from her attackers, as this would be extremely difficult to get around.) She will die if buried with her mouth packed with earth, if decapitated, or if cremated.
She also is in a constant state of starvation, since she refuses to drink blood. (also not going to make her randomly die from not getting the blood of the people she attacks, since this would, again, be very difficult do get around) Therefore, she does not have the little bit of extra strength she would have if properly fed (she'd probably throw the car instead of just lifting it if she was, but she'd be seriously injured and regret it as soon as it was done.), she does not have the ability to shift into her 'spirit' form (where she can fly in a humanoid form if her hair is unbound, with scary eyes, teeth and claws, woooo) and she also will have more difficulty shifting into various creatures. Since birds and cats, (mostly cats) were common forms for estries, anything in the feline and avian families will be more natural for her, and therefore easier to shift into without blood. It will still be much more difficult for her to get the hang of it. For example, the first time she tries to shift into a panther, it would come out looking partially like a panther, but also similar to a large house cat. It would also still have some humanoid features; mostly the eyes, teeth, hands/paws, and chest (since she's a girl, lol)

Personality: She is usually a quiet sort, and keeps to herself, especially if she is unfamiliar with the surroundings. She will be severely on edge when she first meets people, but when she opens up she tends to be a bit of a clown and very protective of those she's close too. However, if she sees someone as a love interest, she will tend to push them away more, and try to help them from afar, if at all. She has a very low self esteem, and sees herself as a danger and a burden, more than anything. She sees her beauty as a constant reminder of the normalcy that was taken away from her, and an unnecessary complication to her wish to avoid people, for the most part. She does enjoy the company of a few, trusted people, but she will get antsy with more than 5 people in a room.
- She hates earthquakes. It's a threat of being buried alive and decapitated at the same time.
- She has a motherly nature towards children and the injured or upset, though she reacts badly towards disappointing people and will often act more like a frightened child in these instances. In other words, she will tend to freeze up and apologize profusely; if her apology is not accepted, she will 'retreat' and avoid most everyone for a while, fearful of whether or not the person will forgive her.

History: She lived with her parents all her life, on their little farm between the cities of modern day Strasbourg and Nancy. She lived a nice, calm, quiet life, and even had an interest in a nice man from the Nancy, whom she'd visit whenever they had to make a trip. However, an estrie couple, interested in the relatively remote land, quietly made propositions to buy up the farm, though they were rejected each time. They soon lost interest in civil attempts and stormed the little farm, slaying Endi's parents and almost killing her for the land they sought to use to bury bodies in. Endi would have died, if it weren't for the fact that the couple wanted a daughter and 20 year old Endi just barely fit the bill. So they changed her and attempted to keep her as one of their own, but soon Endi fled and made her way through France and then partly through Spain, working odd jobs to get the money to flee to the US. Although she knows a few odd words of German and Spanish, her native language is French, and she picked up English since it was easier to communicate with everyone with it. Because of her isolation when she was young, however, she mostly picked up her parents accents; they were from Austria, though they lived relatively close to Germany, and moved to France for a quiet place to live. They also refused to speak German or Austro-Bavarian, wishing to focus more on making a new life in France than on their old lives.
When she got to the U.S., she mostly just slummed around and gradually moved from place to place, fearful of being near people and (literally) fighting to get from place to place. She quickly learned self defense from traveling through different kinds of slums, and pretty much mastered her shifting from human to cat/bird and back mid-stride from being chased down.

Extra little what'sits.
- She can't cry.
- She also doesn't need to breathe. A nervous habit of hers is holding her breath to hear better.
- She drinks a lot of tea and warm drinks, since they soothe her thirst to an extremely limited extent. Sort of like how you drink water when your mouth is dry, but it doesn't do much of anything besides feel a bit better when the water is actually in your mouth.
- She loves video games, and is amazed with new technology. She doesn't know how to use the internet or a cell phone, yet, though.
- Her education is pretty limited, since she was running and farming most of her life. She is reading and attempting to further parts of her education now, to make up for it.
- She pretty much sounds like Fran, from FFXII.
- She enjoys frills and tighter clothing, for the most part, with the exception of sweaters (she still prefers them to be form fitting, though) and skirts (she's good with those as long as they're not excessively short).
- She won't wear frilly stuff, though, since she's self conscious about it and doesn't want unnecessary attention brought to her.
- That doesn't stop her from sewing lace and bows onto random dresses she salvages from thrift stores, though.
- She sews well, since she had practice while living on her parents' farm.
- She also picked up belly dancing, from working for traveling festivals and such for a quick buck.
- Her fighting style is flexible and fast, though slightly unrefined due to her lack of an actual teacher; most of what she knows is from accidentally finding pressure points or snapping opponents joints, and the rest is from watching other people fighting. In other words, she can easily take out most normal people, but would have trouble with someone with actual, formal training. The only reason she'd possibly win something like that is because a) she doesn't fight with 'honor', and would quickly use anything around her to her advantage, and b) when she fights, she fights full throttle, which would make her movements much more fast and powerful, although it takes away from finer movements. She uses that to make up for the lack of formal training.
- She hates her creators with a passion and refuses to have anything to do with them. Although she would like to visit her parent's grave site, she absolutely refuses to return to the farm, for fear that they'd still be there.
- Her original plan was to live to around 85-90, then end her life. Depressing as it is, she just wanted to live a normal life span, and, when she discovered she wasn't aging, she was very conflicted. Her parents weren't super religious, but were still Christians, nonetheless, and she didn't want to disappoint them by committing suicide; however, she was now a monster, an abomination, and she didn't know if she was in the favor of any higher power at this point. So she decided to live a 'full' life, for her parents, then 'take care' of herself, for the sake of not being a monster. (This decision was made while she was severely depressed, so it wasn't well thought through, haha.)
- Her mark is on her lower back, much like a tramp stamp. XD

Edit: TEXT BLOCK. I fixed a bunch of the description. I probably forgot something and made a mistake somewhere, so, just be patient with me, please.
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