Razzle - Application Picture

Name: Razzle (His birth name is Galti)

Age: 1213 years old (Appears around 20 years old)

Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 175 lbs

Birthday: January 1st

Species: Phoenix Blood Immortal

House: Terra

Personality: He has a very happy-go-lucky attitude about him and he tries to look at the brighter side of every situation. He has a sort of carefree nature about him that normally puts him into bad situations that aren't easy to get out of. Razzle also has a problem with being a complete klutz, his head normally in the clouds. Though he can be a little too trusting of people he knows not to get too attached and because of this he doesn't have a lot of friends.

Powers: Razzle cannot physically die no matter how much or how many times he is killed. His body regenerates rapidly, so for example, if his arm is cut off it grows right back, if he's blown up he'll reform unharmed, and if he is drained of blood it automatically regenerates in his body. There is only one exception to this and that's if he fights for his life. If he tries to fight to live whatever is killing him will actually kill him. He can fight for others, just not for himself. Another downside to his immortality is that he can feel all the pain of getting killed without actually dying.

Pets: N/A

History: Razzle was born Galti Magnus'-son near the start of the Viking Age in the area of the Irish Sea to an Irish mother and a Viking father. He was the second born of five children and the oldest boy.

Galti was raised by his mother at home on his parent's farm while his father would go out and plunder with his fellow Viking warriors. He was very skilled in the baking trade and would often help his mother in the kitchen, making all kinds of sweets with the resources supplied by the farm and the exotic riches his father would bring home from his adventures. As he grew older it became more apparent that Magnus wanted Galti to join his crew of Vikings, but the tender, harmless boy was hesitant to join.

This was all changed though when Galti was introduced to the son of one of Magnus' fellow vikings, Frodi. The two became very close as they grew up together on the viking ship, learning how to fight and plunder like real viking warriors. On Galti's fifteenth birthday he took over duties a the ship's cook, making meals for all the warriors, and was very skilled at this. Frodi on the other hand took an interest in educating himself in Norse magic and mythology.

Then one fateful night Galti's fellow vikings decided to overtake a village in a more mountainous region in Scotland. The village put up a valiant fight with the help of their neighboring allies and the viking ship was sunk. Frodi and Galti washed up on shore alive, but Galti was badly wounded and nearing death. Frodi carried him further up the shore where a young woman named Kay took them in. Kay promised to shelter them as long as they gave her the spoils on their persons and promised to do no harm to her and her baby. Frodi obliged and he and Kay began nursing Galti back to health.

Unfortunately, Galti's condition only worsened and it looked as if he would not pull through. Panicked, Frodi asked Kay if there was any way she knew how to save Galti. She told him of a myth that there was a Phoenix taking up residence at the top of the mountain and that if one drank it's blood it would heal any aliment. Frodi told Kay to watch Galti as he made the journey up the mountain to plead for the phoenix blood. It took him three days to reach the top of the mountain and once he got to the top he begged the phoenix for the blood to save his best friend. The phoenix was impressed with the young man's dedication, but warned him that there was a great consequence for any mortal who drank its blood. Wanting only to keep his friend alive he accepted the condition and brought the blood back to Galti.

Galti was just barely hanging on when Frodi came back, but the moment the phoenix blood entered his body the death began to exit. The two decided to live with Kay in Scotland and work for her to repay their debt. It became apparent that something was definitely off with Galti when one afternoon while he and Frodi were working he fell off the roof of the house, landing on his head. Frodi rushed to to his side and saw that his head had been cracked open. He ran inside to get help from Kay, but when the two came back outside they discovered Galti standing up, rubbing his head, completely unharmed. More signs began to appear when on Galti's thirtieth birthday he hadn't physically aged at all.

Baffled, he and Frodi hiked back up the mountain to discuss the matter with the phoenix. Once there the great bird revealed that Galti was now an immortal and could not die unless he fought for his life. The friends continued to live their lives as best they could even though Kay, her baby, and Frodi were aging on without Galti.

Galti had to watch his best friends grow old and eventually die and then later Kay's child and her family. The pain of loss became unbearable for Galti and he came to the conclusion that he had to move away from Scotland. He traveled far and ended up living in France for a few hundred years, never growing close to anyone, trying his best to alter his lifestyle to fit the changing times. He lived through the French Revolution and was even caught stealing and sentenced to the guillotine, but once his head was severed from his body it grew right back, horrifying the people living there who plotted to torture him until he perished.

Horrified by this event, he fled to Germany where he lived through both the world wars. In the post war time he noticed a change in moral and found a way he could make money was to whore out his body, but not for sex, for murder. He would have people pay to kill him so he could make enough money to live comfortably. These times were dark for Galti and shamed by his ways he changed his name to the alias Razzle.

He traveled around Europe, selling himself out for the pleasure of psychopaths, the torture he felt reminding him that he was alive in a world of death. He took up residence once more in Germany in present times, but soon found himself kidnapped.

I applaud you if you read through all of that
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