AS: Ootori Kimeko Picture

+Persona: Diana [link]

+ Name: Ootori Kimeko

+ Nationality: Japanese

+ Birthday: May 13 (Age- 17)

+ Weapon: Bow & Arrow

+ Arcana: Strength

+ Personality: A rebel without a cause, Kimeko loves to spend her time tearing the town apart. She is flippant and carefree, hating authority and loving all things forbidden and rebellious. She is a charismatic girl, but doesn't really like to get into relationships. She is very mistrusting of others, preferring to keep everyone at arm's length. She's secretly very insecure about all friendship and social interactions, fearing everyone is secretly judging her.

+ Bio: She was very sweet as a young girl. Her parents pushed a lot on her, having her take violin lessons, play soccer, and go to a school for gifted students. She took it, though, always respecting her parents and convinced they worked and moved with her best interest in mind.

During her first year of high school, the stress started wearing on her. She argued with her parents on their way home from her grandmother's, telling them she was only human and wanted to drop an activity, or at least transfer to a normal high school. Her parents refused, insisting she must always put forth as much as she can. They were distracted, and very unlucky. As they walked, a giant Shadow came forth. A young boy seemed to come out of nowhere are started fighting. Suddenly, her parents and sister started sleeping in coffins for seemingly no reason. Kimeko tried to call Emergency Services, but her phone wasn't functioning. The young man fell to the shadow, causing it to turn on them. During the boy's battle, the shadow shattered her father's coffin, killing him instantly. Not long after, the boy fell as well. Kimeko was trapped.

The shadow went to the coffins, feeding on the psyches of her mother and sister. She dove behind a mail box, hoping it wouldn't see her, but she saw it approaching, knowing it was coming for her. Desperate, Kimeko looked for a weapon to defend herself, but found nothing. The boy, using the last of his strength, pulled her down to him and passed on his Evoker, speaking in a faint whisper how to use it. Reluctant but knowing she had to to survive, she shot herself with it, bringing forth Diana, her Persona. From that day on, she was a persona user, but she was irrevocably changed.

During the ensuing battle, her sister's coffin was shattered, killing her. Her mother survived, but she contracted Apathy Syndrome. No longer fit to take care of her, Kimeko left her mother. She moved in with her brother in the city, who had been going to University at the time and was not with them during the Dark Hour. He let her transfer to a normal high school. When it all happened, she rebelled-- she cut and dyed her hair, wore colored contacts, and refused to answer to authority.

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