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Name: Lucette Kiyo Suwa

( Pronounced Ryusetto or Rūshī back home)

Nickname: "Lucy"

Occupation: Train Guard

Age: 23

Height/Weight: 4'1'' and 120 pounds (Muscle mainly for weight)

Hair color: Lucy's actually go orange tinted hair, though it looks darker under the hat.

Species: Raiju
"Raijū (雷獣,"thunder animal" or "thunder beast") is a legendary creature from Japanese mythology. Its body is composed of lightning and may be in the shape of a cat, fox, weasel, or wolf, sometimes monkey. It may also fly about as a ball of lightning (in fact, the creature may be an attempt to explain the phenomenon of lightning). Its cry sounds like thunder. During Thunder and lightning storms, The Raiju's tend to panic, and leap about--but other than that, it's calm and harmless.

Birth date: March 7th

Blood Type: AB positive

Weapon: HER FISTS.
No, really. Lucy fights using a sorta kickboxing sort of attacks. A back up to that is small claws, and a back up to THAT is biting wit small fangs.

An even more super backup, would be an electrical attack. [see Abilities ]

Room Number/Roomate:

Personality: (subject to edits as I play with her more)
Due to the high amounts of Energy she's always carrying, she tends to be very hyperactive. Lucy's constantly moving, jogging around, climbing, lifting weights, or just messing with a piece of string for hours. She's always doing SOMETHING. Lucy also tends to talk very fast.
(she's hyperactive)

She's plenty social, and simply adores talking to people, which is one reason why she loves the Train. Lucy's normally quite friendly, and personality wise she's very approachable.

Lucy hardly acts like a girl, just like how she doesnt look like a girl, and she takes advantage of that. She prefers to not wear shirts, and male clothes, more for the fact of comfort, convince, and she doesnt find a need to wear a shirt.

However if you decide to comment about her appearance..or small size, she might not be so willing to be very friendly. Infact she might straight up ignore you, or snap at you.
And if you persist, she might get a little violent.

obviously she's not short. Of course not. sHE'S A COMPLETELY NORMAL SIZE.
Lucy has the slightest issue with her size.


Lucy's life, from what she can remember, has always been very mundane. The most supernatural, or mystical part of her life ended before she could remember.
When she was a small baby, she was with other Riju's. Very small creatures, who climbed through the forests of Kyushu, making the sounds of thunder during a lightning storm. Underneath all the fur, and claws, and if they dared to stand up on two legs they appeared very nearly human, but all in all, they were mistaken for monkeys. One day, during a lightning storm, the Riju's had panicked, and scattered about, leaving behind an infant, which was Later named Lucette. Oh how the baby cried, and cried, making a very loud, and annoying noise (a baby screech from hell), since it was unable to mimick thunder yet. A human couple. who lived nearby in the forest heard the crying, and ventured out during the storm to see what it was, worrying someone had gotten hurt during the storm. Instead, they found a strange, fuzzy baby. With the storm brewing, the baby screeching, and no one else around, the couple took the baby home.

They had every intention of giving the baby back if someone came knocking for one but no one ever came. So, Hideo and Kota Suwa adopted the baby, and giving her the name Lucy, after that american tv show, ILOVElucy, because boy, they loved Lucy (though they didnt love how she never slept). At First, Hideo worried Lucy would just be a furry little thing with 5 tails, more like a pet than a child, but, as she got older, she began to lose the fur, or at least it got thinner and a lighter color. They trimmed her hair, taught her to talk on two legs when she was big enough, and taught her to speak. She became more and more humanlike with each passing year.

From about 4-10, Lucy was a bit of a struggle to raise. She was always hyper, always moving, and always talking. Her vocabulary was mainly "Why"( She wasnt very electric, but somedays she got very staticy, and shocked her parents now and then when they tried to hug her), and "Whats that", "What are you doing". She constantly got in trouble with her parents for breaking things, or yelling, or a various other sorts of things. Her parents knew that Lucy needed to keep moving, and running, or else she began to shake, shiver, twitch, glow, spark, all sorts of crazy things. She was a walking bundle of energy. Kota homeschooled her daughter, doing her best to try and get her to pay attention, which was no easy feat, but Lucys mother managed to do it. These years were mainly Mother, Father, and Lucy alone. she had no friends since she never left the house/forest area around it.

At the age of nine was lucys last encounter with any Riju. She was playing outside when they bounced towards her. They frightened her a bit, but they were kind to her. After awhile, Lucy figured out they were..what she was supposed to be. Except they walked on their hands, they were covered in fur, they didnt talk. She watched them for awhile, they tackled eachother and shocked one another, and made strange noises at eachother. Lucy got to play with them, just for a little while, before her Mother saw this. She ran outside to shoo away the monkey..things. They never showed up again.

From 10-14, Lucy had begun to calm down, with electricity and Energy. It was more managble, she was calmer. There was a brief year of ultimate angst with IM-NOT-A-HUMAN, but she had moved on with that, and accepted it. The biggest issue of her life had not been that she was a walking-talking-sparking monkey, but that she was 4-god-damn-feet tall. Her life had begun to slow down into the norm. A very dull, and lonely norm. Lucy wanted friends, and to know people, she was getting antsy, and running out of things to do.

From 14-18, Lucy had been finally enrolled into a public school, so she could try and meet friends, and get a better education. Due to the fact that she had five more tails than any human should have, the girls uniform simply wouldnt do. She can't hide the tails with a skirt. Her parents filled out a form saying she was a boy, and she was given the boys uniform. Naturally she was found out by the school, but her parents through a fit against the school, threatening to sue, and such things. So the school thought of her as a boy, as did her classmates. A very pretty, small, and adorable boy. She didnt have many friends for the first year, but she had plenty of aquatences. Lucy didnt really come out of her shell until she discovered martial arts. Lucy started with Kendo, but she really didnt like using a katana. She then switched to Judo, which she did love, but her eye had wandered to Kickboxing, which soon became her passion. She played in the boys league, having to work twice as hard to match up to their level (plus her size didnt help much), but it all payed off. She competed in many competitions, and tournemants, won quite a few trophys and awards, and made a few friends, though she never hung out with them outside of Kickboxing (Or judo, she still attended that).

After she graduated, Lucy had gone to try and be a professional kickboxer. She got paid for each match she won, but since she couldnt win all of them, and it was hard to be professional. She lived at home with her mother and father, and was always training. She didnt really want to do much else, it was always just her and her parents (though they left quite frequently, to go on vacations, out of town, enjoy having an adult daughter watching their home). She had gotten a bit lonely, but still never made the effort, nor had the time, to go out and meet people.

A few months ago, after a heavy match in which Lucy won--getting many injuries in return, Lucy was home alone recovering. She was so very bored--she couldnt do anything, she couldnt train, she couldnt run around and help release the build of energy. She was going insane, and was going to blow up--possibly literally. While laying in the living room, she heard someone at the door. When she finally limped her way over to the door, she opened the door to nothing--

except a train ticket, with no destination on it.

...well. She had nothing else to do. She was injured, bored, and lonely. A little vacation might be nice. Besides, Kyushu is an island, it can't go too far...
can it?

She packed a small bag of jackets and such, grabbed her lucky hat, waved goodbye to mom and dad, and set of for her short vacation.

+Martial arts
+sunny days and clear skys/warm weather
+Being social
+fighting (for fun)
+doodling (terrible at it though)
+"Bouncy" Music/Dancing
+food. Lots and lots of food (eats alot)

+Being alone
+Fighting (with bad intentions)
+being call small. Don't do it.
+thunder/lightning storms (freaks out)
+water/rain (Electricity and Water
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