Lilly's influence map Picture

So, I've decided to give it a try and plan an influence map too ^^

1- Star Wars definitely the first saga that really wowed me... I luv it since I was a little kid, when the new trilogy was not even being filmed... George Lucas is a guy I totally worship for creating such an awesome universe...

2- The Lord of the Rings Yeah... Tolkien is the second guy I worship! But I must say LOTR is there also representing all the other "middle-age-like-warcraft" sagas and games (specially the RPG ones - both tradicional and online) I love.

3- Ancient civilizations Even though I work specifically with roman and greek cultures, I always admired the egyptian, indian, chinese, amerindian ones etc. Their mythologies never stopped inspiring me.

4- Anime The japanese animations are among my biggest influences too... can't u tell? ;D And among 'em all Hayao Miyazaki is king!

5- Manga Don't tell me it's the same thing as number 4, it's definitely not, at least in my opinion! Each one has its own particularities and I must admit I like the "black&white" magic of the mangas better U.u

6- Tokusatsu I'm thinking about many of 'em, not only Jaspion. The tokusatsu productions were much more representative to me than the animes during my childhood!

7- Videogames U're seeing a pic of Dinasty Warriors 5 over there (it's my PS2 favorite game... and maybe my fave game ever!), but many other games are inspiring to me... specially due to their art. I'm the kind of player who easily exchanges anything on a game for good graphics XD

8- Monica's Gang Or "Turma da Mônica" in Portuguese. I'm pretty sure those comic books created by Maurício de Sousa, a brazilian artist, were the first ones to motivate me to try some drawing ^^

9- Old cartoons It's a shame the pic is small and it's difficult to see all those marvellous creations of Hanna-Barbera! And I also like many others, such as the Woody-Woodpecker... I love those old cartoon 'till now! I miss that time when Boomerang Channel presented those shows daily... I hate that crap it became some years ago!!!

10- Marvel X-man, Spider Man, Iron Man, Dare Devil, Thor, Electra and many others... many people don't know that but I read american comics a lot, specially the Ultimate editions during the first years of college *miss that time too*. Anyways, Marvel shouldn't be standing alone there, there's much more I like related to comics, including european productions such as "Les Aventures du Tintin".

11- Tim Burton/Johnny Depp partnership Weird choice? ;D Not really, I'm sure those productions have been inspiring many other people! There's a kind of magic there that reminds me a little of theatrical productions... In fact, I also like the movies in which Burton and Depp didn't work together (Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean...).

12- Art Nouveau It's absurdly inspiring! There's true beauty in that style! Is there anyone out there who dislikes it? And among all the artists who created in the Art Nouveau style, Alphonse Mucha is top of my (and anyone else's!) list!

13- Bauhaus Last but not least! Surprised? XD I took a long time to realize how much architecture fascinates me... and how often some architectural details appear on my doodles!! O_o I like history of art/architecture/design as a whole, but I must say the 'Bauhaus episode' influences me a lot for many reasons (I'd spend paragraphs and more paragraphs here to explain it all XD)!

That's it babes! Hope u like it and somehow recognize me thru that map! ^^

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