Tork Cha. sheet Tork adult Picture

Name : Tork
Age : 30
Size : 1.83
Gender : Male
Specie : Louvi

Hobbies : Fighting, collect weapons, Celtic and Native American music, read ancient mythologies.

Profession : Leader of a clan of warriors.

Personality : Since becoming an adult, Tork has a very strong character as a warrior chief. It often happens to be very stubborn, and he can get angry very easily when somebody bothers him and does things that he doesn't like. But he's a very good leader who is well known. he's very courageous and he's ready to help his friends and to save the world. He sometimes make some depression when he asks for affection, he's a very sensitive man with a lot of emotions to others.

Background : Tork and his warriors were in a plain where they had to fight against the barbarians. The battle was very bloody but very fast but suddenly, a huge tornado came away Tork. Everyone thought he was gone but in truth, Tork had prevailed in the kingdom infinite, where were all the gods. He found himself before the king of Scandinavian gods, Odin. The latter took the necklace of Tork and threw each tooth in each corner of the world. Odin gave him tests to do : To prove that Tork is a true hero, he must gather five wolf teeth that adorned his necklace. But this may be very hard because Odin had cast a spell to Tork who had converted in form as a child (see this [link]) and he would remember more than anything. In this case, he will need help and if he meets five wolf teeth that adorned his collar, he will remember to all and he'll become an adult. On the other hand, the Warriors are looking for Tork.

Capabilities : He's very strong, his muscles are very hard and is able to lift heavy things. His courage makes him even stronger and he's very fast. He manages to throw a spear farther than others. This is a great leader of warriors and he's well known for his strength and courage.

Weaknesses : His stubbornness may lead to very mortal danger (even if he comes out and he's brave). He can't support his anger that can make him aggressive and crazy.

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