Vertigo Kintobor The mad Scientist Picture

Name: Vertigo Kintobor
Age: 80.900 (Body looks 40)
Race: Admin/ cosmic demon
Group: The 6 Kin of Abyss
Job: Galactic Scientist / Former Head Galactic Scientist of the Cosmic Admin Core (surpast by Dr. Elizabeth Andalusia)/ Criminal genius
Abilitys: Swifts,and his selfmade machinery and the manipulation on Negative Cosmic
Weapon: Anubis MKIV (Claw)
Cosmic Weapon abilitys: ??? (Anubis is constantly being modified by Vertigo so it never has the same powers. so far it has used beams and TK pulses
Relationships: His fellow Kin :The 6 Kin of Abyss claim to be like brothers and sister, but seem to dislike one an other.
/ Elizabeth Andalusia: He holds a grudge agianst her for surpasing him as Head galactic scientest.
/ Ovidiu-Gabriel Negel: A small respect as a scientest, put underestamates him for being human.
/ Goth: Of all his fellow kin he hates her the most (i dont blame him, shes a bitch)
Personality: Very pridefull and arrogant he sees anyone else as inferier to him. hi loves history and mythology.
Backstory: A genius as a young man, he was once the head of the Galactic Scientist of in the Cosmic Admin Core but was missranked by Elizabeth Andalusia who had proven herself as the smartest woman in the Core. He then tryed to get his rank by developing a supersoldier serum but after failing sevaral attemps only to find out that Dr Elizabeth was sucsesfull. He relized that to become topdog again he had to go beyond other scientests and started to resurge the NOAH, a legandary starship, and found out it was real. He then asked the Counsel permission to assist his work, but they refused do to the danger of the vessel. being refused he continued his work in secret, but was caght and kicked out of the Cosmic Admin Core! Enraged and humiliated he oneday found himself being invited to the 6 Kin of Abyss who (after moths of planing) attacked Space station Babylon (HQ of the Cosmic Admin Core)! After they caused chaos they wre defeated, arrested and sent to Hellrock (a high level prison on an astroid) and after 300 years they finaly escaped do to Eve.
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