Vahagn | Cenost | herd member Picture

Name: Vahagn (god of war in armenic mythology)/ Vag for short
Age: born in 1486 - currently 350 yo
Gender: male
Build: heavy
Height: 18.1hh ~ 1.84m

Strain: Heavy
Eye Color: c7cdcf
Hooves: Tungsten
Mutations: Horn

Pheno: Blood Bay Dun with Smudge, Min Stripes and Max Birdcatcher Spots
Geno: Ee/AA/nD/MsMs/StSt/BCBC
Design(er): by meganeffingsandbox

Scars: few healed wolf bites
Baubles: fox and wolf teeth braided into his mane (right side, not shown)

Herd: Cenost
Rank: Member
  • Miles - Stallion, buckskin, 1486/350yo
Mate: none as of now
Offspring: none

Vag was always a happy go lucky type of character. Trying everything possible and impossible just for the sake of doing it by himself. With a friendly manner and always up for mischieve the big chestnut was always in the middle of trouble. In the last 50 years since the accident with the wolf pack Vahagn changed a lot. Where once mischief glimmed in the bright blue eyes there's now a cold harshness. Only the strongest survive in Cenost - and he is driven to be the strongest in everything. There is no place for fooling around in his eyes anymore and he'll always hold a lecture to younger and even older herd members concerning that particular area. A grumpy old man in a younglings body.
(to be developed further through rp)

Likes & Dislikes:
+ strong bodies and minds
+ reasonable and responsible behaviour
+ training and fighting
+ learning valuable surviving skills
- all things fun
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