Two sides of the same coin Picture

Beware Patrons of Dungeon mall...The doctor is IN.

Professor Isaac Grey. a confusing and twisted man who experiments with whatever he can get his hands on.
Though he is completely insane and has two personalities, He has an IQ higher then any Scientist we know so far.

Behold! the Twisted Profile of this EVIL genius:
Name: Professor Isaac Grey
Quote: "do you like ponies....?...want to BECOME one.....?"
Age: 42
Birthdate: July 13th ,1969
Race: Wolf
Gender: Male
Likes: Science, Biology, Evolution, Technology, Experimenting, Dissecting, Fusion animals, Mythology, his children.
Dislikes: Spicy foods, Failed Experiments, people messing with his children, being refused test subjects.
Fav. food: unknown.
Powers: Lightning element.
Rank: Retired Villain, Mad Scientist, Loving Father.
Bio: an Evil genius if there ever was one, Professor Grey was once one of the most Destructive Villains known to Colorado, then when he clashed with the legendary hero Scarlet rose, they finally realized the two loved eachother and got married. then started a family by having Thalia, then Tyson, then finally Maria. The main problem with professor Grey is his multiple personality disorder. He has two personalities, One a Kind and Loving Father of three children, the Other a madman who isn't afraid to kill just to revolutionize Life and Biology, He loves to try and play god by creating dangerous mutants and sends em loose all over the mall for the heroes to fight. for a while he let his Evil personality take control over him, all the way to the point where he took his own daughters and turned them into hideous mutants!(DON'T LOOK AT THEM THEY'RE UGLY:[link] ) but soon after confrontation with his son Tyson, his Good Personality final reawakened and he revealed the truth to his son that his maid twins, Serra and Terra, were his Sisters and that his mother is not dead. Nowadays professor Grey spends his time capturing monsters and enhancing them in to even more savage killing machines, with the help of his youngest daughter, maria. Living with his three children in the mall, he is a happy father along with an insane villain. Professor Grey is a Lightning element and uses his lightning to bring his creations to life. He uses two hidden daggers in his sleeves and draws them with the simple push of a button in case he needs to make an incision or cut a test subject open.

Personality: as said, he has a Loving father personality, and a mad scientist personality.

Now you know the Owner of Dungeon mall.

Prof. Grey/Tyson/Thalia/Maria/ME.
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