Nu Kua Picture

When I originally thought up the Nagas for my Cost of War setting, I just thought of them as living weapons. As I fleshed out the setting though, I made them far more complex and deep than just that.

In the Titan Galactic War (c. 16 200 BCE), the Nagas' only purpose is to be expendible supersoldiers. After this, though, Nagas form their own civilisation and become so much more.
During the "Golden Age of the Humans" (c. 5800-4000 BCE), Nagas were allowed to establish the Bhogavati space base on Earth- origin world to all the setting's featured races.
After the Great Human War (c. 4000 BCE) , a few Nagas still survived on Earth. Here is one such example.

Nu Kua is a Naga who, sometime after the Great Human War, established a proper culture for a group of fairly primitive Humans in that part of Earth that would later be known as China.
Despite her species' reputation as ruthless killers, Nu Kua is actually quite peaceful and benevolent, as can be seen here.
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